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    Re: Thread for insulting me

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsonist View Post
    I know how you hate me.

    This thread allows you to insult me with every possible word in language.
    This thread allows you to just tell me how you hate me.
    This thread will make you happy, because you insulted me.

    Made for @Marshmallow Marshall and @Distorted to keep threads clean from shitposting.

    Lol last thread was a necro'd shit thread that belongs in Circlejerk anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fielzanks View Post
    Unknown whispers slightly in David's ears as the sun disappear from the sky. "Listen, David. Blink is dangerous for our plan." His breath was fast, almost as if a hidden threat could come at any moment. "He will come for us David, he will come!" The man face was shrouded in shadows but the tone of his voice gave his emotions away. Ruthless planning mixed with fear. "Blink will jump at any occasion to kill MM. If MM sticks with his claim, as soon as you see this opportunity, counterclaim him.

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    Re: Thread for insulting me

    You are the first one who thought of using img path in -Mafia- chat/lw/dn and the only one who ever did that. After 7-8 years of this game. You are special. Also the first one(to my knowledge) to try out using Fonts instead of just colors in mafia chat/lw/dn.
    Btw. How did you find that diamond league symbol img path anyway? I can find img paths of simple objects like a zealot or something. But nothing like that..

    Nah man. You be fine. Haters gona hate.
    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)

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    Re: Thread for insulting me

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    and here I thought the level of toxicity in this forum was on the down
    Ehmm.. sorry for this, relatively, stupid question. English is not my first language so forgive me.
    But what does "on the down" mean? It means very little toxicity or very much?

    I would assume it means "very little", but in the context it feels like it should mean the opposite.
    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)

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