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    Spirits II

    Spoiler : changelog :
    Changes from original setup
    • Added Trapper role and adjusted roles to incorporate
    • Added Town Randoms
    • Removed Miller and added detective
    • Added agent to Omega Wolf
    • Shaman now heals for 1 night
    • Last Wills permitted

    Alpha Spirit Wolf (Godfather)
    Beta Spirit Wolf (Consigliere)
    Omega Spirit Wolf (Strongman/Agent)

    Shaman (White Mage)
    Hunter (Vigilant)
    Spiritualist (Sheriff)
    Random Tribesman
    Random Tribesman
    Random Tribesman
    Tribesman/Local Citizen
    Tribesman/Local Citizen
    Tribesman/Local Citizen


    Spoiler : Roles :

    Alpha Wolf
    You have final say investigation and night kill.
    As long as beta is alive you are night kill immune
    As long as omega is alive you are investigation immune
    Beta Wolf
    Each Night you may check someone for their role (Spirit will show as such)
    If Alpha is to be lynched you will become the new alpha.
    As long as you are alive, Alpha can not be killed at night.
    Omega Wolf
    Once in the game you may make the kill bypass the white mage protection.
    Every other night you may watch 1 player to see who they visit and who visits them - cannot be
    used the same night as the kill bypass.
    You do not become beta or alpha on their death.
    As long as you are alive, the Alpha is investigative immune.

    Shaman (White Mage)
    Each night you may target someone and use the spirit of the bear to protect them from a single attack.
    This protection will last 1 night
    Neither you nor the player will be informed if a heal is successful
    Targeting a scum will protect them for that night
    The night after someone is protected they will show up as a spirit due to the bears presence
    Spiritualist (Sheriff)
    Each night check someone to see if they are a spirit
    Results will come back as Not a Spirit/Spirit
    Anyone under the second night protection will show up Spirit
    The white mage can not protect you, if you are targeted by white mage you will be role blocked but lean his/her identity.
    Spirit Tracker (Detective)
    Track one person each night, seeing who they visit. If the Omega Wolf is alive the Alpha
    wolf appears to be an innactive citizen.
    Tribesman/Local Citizen
    You have the power of voting
    Random Tribesman
    75% Chance citizen; 25% chance TPR
    Excludes killing


    The Trapper may choose from 1 of the 2 abilities:

    1) (Serial Killer) Each night give someone poisoned food. The person who was given the food
    will randomly die the next day (decided by 48h RNG). If a wolf attacks, kills, and eats
    that person the same night they are poisoned, the wolf will become poisoned instead; the player
    attacked still dies. If the player is protected that night, the player is still poisoned, and not the wolf.

    2) (Mass Murderer) Each night place poison at someones camp. Anyone who visits that player that
    night will become poisoned and die
    within 96 hours (RNG). Players who do not visit are considered visiting themself, and will be poisoned.

    This becomes 48 hours if all 3 wolves are dead.

    You may choose if you wish to appear visiting nobody; or visiting your target to investigative roles.

    Mechanics on Trapper:

    The Shaman protects against trapper poison the night of being poisoned. If the player is attacked
    on the same night they are poisoned - the shaman is too busy protecting from the wolf to realize
    that the player they are protecting was poisoned.

    If the trapper is lynched during the day, the town is cured of anyone who is currently poisoned (and alive).
    If the trapper is killed at night (even by vigilante), any wolf that is poisoned is now cured.

    The trapper may choose to appear as a citizen to investigative roles or show him visiting targets. If he does not choose it will default to inactive citizen.

    The trapper is immune to day 1 lynch.

    The trapper may target himself and is immune to poison.

    If someone gets poisoned again while already poisoned, they become contagious and anybody
    who visits them until their death becomes poisoned as well.

    Each person poisoned gets their own RNG; except for if a wolf eats a poisoned player, then they inherit
    the remaining time that player has.

    If someone dies by poison, they are notified by the host, a message is posted up that they have died and they are to immediately stop posting. Their role will not be revealed until the end of that day; if they die at night, it will say that they were found dead from poison and their role will be revealed. Votecount will also be changed accordingly with the post of their death.

    Wolf spirits:
    Gain living majority and/or have nothing from preventing it
    Town: Eliminate the Wolf spirits, trapper, and have a living player.
    Trapper: Be the last player alive or bring the game to 1v1. Trapper wins all ties while living.

    Strongman Kill
    White Mage
    Trapper Poison
    Hunter/Wolf Spirit Kill
    Investigative Results
    Last will Publications

    48 hrs days
    24 hrs night
    Lynch is 51% will auto end day at first mark (24 or 48 hr)
    Last wills are aloud
    If day starts and nobody is alive the game will be declared a draw

    Hosts reserves right to replace players at any time.
    No OGC
    No editing or deleting posts.
    Video and pics are encouraged
    No quoting PM's
    English only.
    Play to wincon at all times

    This is a modified setup of "Spirits" original created by @ika
    Original setup can be found here: http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...98-S-FM-Spirts
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    Re: Spirits II

    Trapper: I Think If You Visit A Persons Home To Get Poisoned & Randomly Get Poisoned During Another Nights Action. The Person Should Die Automatically..

    Also Can Doctor Heal Poison Once Infected Like Next Night?
    I Am Kira! I Am Justice!! I Am The Champion Of The Light!!! Death To The False Gods!!!!

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    Re: Spirits II

    Quote Originally Posted by Light_Yagami View Post
    Trapper: I Think If You Visit A Persons Home To Get Poisoned & Randomly Get Poisoned During Another Nights Action. The Person Should Die Automatically..

    Also Can Doctor Heal Poison Once Infected Like Next Night?
    No - it works similar to SK/MM but just a delayed death. It can be healed the night of.

    Quote Originally Posted by Light_Yagami View Post
    Can You Place Poison At Your Own House?

    I thought about next night heals, but I think having the Trapper not being night immune balances that out; since SK/MM insta-kills people and is usually night immune. Switching the night immunity for detection immunity and delayed deaths.
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