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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    And 1 more thing. I want to have a night protection on me. I ll use it no matter what. I dont think rigger woulda give me sth to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Your signature shuld be "Too scummy to be scum!" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post
    Hybrid... :weed: even his corpse is scummy

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    MM was the topic of my next write up but to stay relevant I'll just keep it simple.

    During my pressure of Distorted regarding Sheep, MM was in the same boat as Distorted regarding driving the pressure. This isn't average pressure these guys were doing. It was straight up you ARE scum. I still painted Distorted as the driving force but MM was just as much in it as him. NOW, the suspect thing... when I clarified my reasoning of pressuring Distorted MM seemed to have forgotten his participation was almost as equal as Distorted in the HARD pressure. Yet he was quick to turn on Distorted and scum label him for essentially doing the same thing. Again they both were justified in their actions. But when a train is forming or potentially forming, the driving force must be looked at as well.


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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by sheepsaysmeep View Post
    i mean we can just continuously no lynch because scum cant nightkill but i have confidence in my reads

    also marsh is actively engaging with the thread early game and likely town too
    Where the fuck did this guy get the idea that Scum have no means of killing someone at night? +++scum points to sheep/naz

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    I mean, SJ stated he was making balanced setups, so scums should have a blacksmith, or just 3 thieves
    3 Thieves? 2 of them could act practically as role blockers while one would be out shooting people. That's overpowered unless the town has 3 gunsmiths and no armor smiths

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    With 3 gunsmiths, it would be overpowered AGAIN. It would force us to SHOOT someone just so our guns wouldn't be stolen by scum - the likelihood of shooting a townie is fairly high, at 70 or so per cent. That's not my definition of balanced imo

    10 town, 3 Mafiosi, 1 Rigger

    8 town, 2 mafiosi, 1 rigger/8 town, 3 mafiosi, 1 rigger

    That's way too strong. No way scum has 3 thieves.

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    I don't see naz and MM as a scum team- sheep said that MM was likely town, after MM had accused him.

    If I were scum, and a teammate accused me, I would accuse them back. I'd be more reticent of accusing a town player who voted me.
    Something I learned from my last FM is that don't exclude any possibility. It's why I am trying to be thorough this one. AYYY @blinkskater



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