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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    I just reread the setup - Town Smiths cannot give themselves the items they create.
    So... the alternatives are:

    1) Don't go smithing shit n1

    2) ...Establish it by vote as as to who should be given an item??
    Ok did some work, sorry for the shit grammar post and all. Gonna work on a list of reads, but before that: DO NOT VOTE ABOUT WHO SHOULD BE GIVEN AN ITEM. Why? Because: scums can twist votes with mindgames and probably get a gun; Rigger can know who to give an item to kill him.
    I think gunsmiths should smith either for their highest town read OR simply not smith at all. HOWEVER, armorsmiths should smith night armors. Not day vests of course, because it's just not pro-town lol.

    Now typing my list of reads, won't reply til it's done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    List of Reads: Marshmallow Marshall

    Fielzanks, highest town read. Productive and contributive posts, the only world I see him as a scum is where he would be outing his own scum strategies to gain trust. This seems very unlikely.
    Noz_Bugs, high town read for contributive and non-careful posts, looks like a free man (Or girl) to me.

    Distorted... Ahhh I am town-reading you slightly for some genuine posts. But I'm STILL scared because some of your posts gave me strange vibes. I don't like you very much atm, but your genuine posts still put you in the town lean category. Could change very fast though.

    Blinkskater, very low town lean. Half contributive, he's a little bit Schrödinger's scum again. If I was Smith, I wouldn't give him a gun.
    Rumox, contributive... I don't know, this slot is hard to read. I can't say some posts were genuinly town-like, but there was nothing scummy I saw. A-lil-bit-over-null read.

    Lightyagami, the most thin town read I ever got in all my FM play. His posts are somewhat scummy because useless while not being shitposts, but they have no real goal as scum. However, I could say the same thing about Noz_Bugz's posts in which witch is which, and he was scum.

    Scvmurderer, oh well he's scv... He's not THAT scummy this game, and I'm wondering if that means he's scum. Idk. Null.

    Marluxion, I feel like he's not giving what he could and should for the Town. He seems careful, but I saw some genuine town-like posts from him. Still not convinced he's town at all, though. A-lil-bit-under-null read.
    Efekannn02, he's WIFOMing so much that it's scummy. If you're town PLEASE STOP EFE!! A-lil-bit-under-the-lil-bit-null-read.

    Magoroth, strange play this game. His posts nearly all had a rather big scum motive possible behind them. It might be just bad luck, but it's strange. Tiny scum lean.
    Sheepsaysmeep, as noz said that guy has a big ego lol... either an asshole or a scum. But I somewhat feel his fuck it I leave post was genuinly an asshole post, and since he was used as a scapesheep I feel his lynch doesn't give much to town yet.

    Hybrid, highest scum read. Seriously, what is that shitposting and then saying you softclaimed and contributed, but we're all wrong because we didn't see how useful you were?? You're not stupid, you should understand it's not pro-town AT ALL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    fk it ill just do a role read and paraphrase:

    (Paraphrased quotes are in this color)

    @blinkskater But I give blink town points for asking for a gun and agree, gunsmith toss him a gun.

    @Magoroth I think Magoroths post on "people who are town read early are not talking as much".
    That is usually very true with newer scums, they get town read and back-off hoping to keep that status.

    @Hybrid , I really hope you do not remain like this - day 1 is THE most imortant day for information gathering, it literally sets the tone and flow for the entire game. get the fk up and start posting.

    @Efekannn02 I am actually starting to get a slight scumread on, his trolling seems to have a completely different feel to it than from other games, I have never seen efe scum in FM yet.

    @Marshmallow Marshall you seem to be playing a little more careful this game? whats your full reads so far on everyone. specifically efekannns troll style as well this game.

    @Fielzanks you have some of the most town posts, but i always stay weary of that just because it is so much easier for scum to have more accurate posts =P

    @Noz_Bugz The only way you could have a 100% read on some1 is if they are town and you are scum, actually even then they could be Rigger - so I find this to be an attempt to sound convincing to the person you are saying is town (passive buddying, i do this A LOT as scum) and it also protects you - if you kill him and he flips town you now seem like you have a more solid grasp on the game then everyone else.

    @Scvmurderer hmm we have a very reserved chooo chooo this time... no demanding blood, no wanting to hammer...

    @Marluxion you are not as clear of a town read as last game, so that alone makes me read you as a more town. Scum usually have a much easier time posting organized, collective posts that stay in the same train of thought. Yours seems to be changing + town points.

    @Light_Yagami YAGAMI!!!!!!!!!!

    @rumox 35/75 with you - I really feel that was a hardpush on sheep and you tried to pin it on me.

    @sheepsaysmeep I think we broke his spine? Yeah....he is not a FM player.
    "but i give blink" blah blah... what was supposed to be BEFORE the "but"? What did you erase there, lol...

    That might be true, but new FM players, including me when I was new, even as town, want to keep their good image because they don't wanna die ^^ that being said, Feilzanks should post more than that now.

    Hybrid is super fucking scummy. Seriously Hybrid I'm not proud of you atm =(

    Ok, you feel that too? Edit of my list of reads: I thought I was just having hallucinations, but go him down some scumpoints.

    Well, I got IRL work to do so yeah maybe sometimes I'm less active (which includes pushing/pressuring) but it's hard to keep my playstyle up all the time, energy consuming af. Also I'm sick so I bought myself a free day today :P

    Hm, didn't see it that way. But it could be you painting people again

    But Noz says this kind of things a lot usually, and I won't scumread him for that.

    ^^ true that. (about scv)

    Well, ummm... he's less town so he's more town? Kay.


    He did that? o.O quotes pls that might change my read on him

    XD yep.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post

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