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    Changelog 3/3/2018

    2018 Update

    Ability Additions

    • Reveal during the day to enable multi lynches.
    • I wasn't planning on adding this role, since I think it's a shitty role, but I want to add it for Joseph Bertrand for the "Infamous" setup.
    • Option for how many more lynches are added during the day
    • Option for whether flips are immediate, or at end of day

    • Leaves town at night becoming virtually untargetable
    • Arsonist burn doesn't target
    • Witch forces commute to happen

    Arms Detector
    • Checks someone to see if they have 'weapons?' or not.
    • Undetectable roles come up as not having arms
    • Framed roles have arms
    • Doctors, Serial Killers don't have arms
    • Sheriffs, Veterans have arms
    • If you have guns, you have arms
      • in that order

    Narrator Updates
    • Worked on feature that continually finds game setups in the backgrounds for 'Official' setups
    • Hopefully this guards against setups that have like 5 vigilantes or something.
    • This is the way it works
      • Generate a setup
      • Run it 128 times with different random AI actions
      • Calculate how different the win ratios are for this setup in comparison to all other setups

    Daytime Punches (ITA)
    • Attempt a punch. There's % chance it'll be deadly. Otherwise it's a miss. This is announced to everyone
    • Once per day
    • Team % modifiable
    • Ghosts/ventriloquists can control this
    • Electromaniac successful punches trigger charged explosions
    • ITAs stop parity until no more punches exist
    • Blackmailing stops people from punching
    • Can't punch dead people

    Omniscient Dead
    • Added a setting so dead people can become omniscient
    • Know who is who in the game
    • Know who killed them, if applicable
    • Massive support for this feature when I first added it. Makes dying less boring

    Miscellaneous Narrator Fixes/Updates
    • Faction kill differentiation setting add
    • Clarified if gun can be used daytime or night time in feedback
    • Fixed issue when following someone that visited an undetectable person. Message was "No one visited that target".
    • Fixed bug where everyone became undetectable on game reset
    • Fixed 'cause' bug for generic killing being null
    • Fixed a story bug where roles weren't properly reassigned, so retelling stories wouldn't be a thing =(

    Setup Additions/Modifications
    • Narrator Mash
      • Removed Clubbers and enforcers until Cult Leader is spawnable
      • Removed Blackmailer and Bulletproof until game size is at least 12
      • Enabled Bp and Blackmailer in mode with more players only (12)

      MU Mash
      • Only town/mafia setup with roles mostly being able to be either town or mafia.
      • For example, mafia doctors, and town janitors spawn

      Brave New World
      • Fixed Bus Driver name

      5Player Mode
      • Mayor, Goon, 3 Citizens

    Role Updates
    • Amensiac
      • fixed issue where Amnesiac taking Serial Killer wasn't invulnerable at night

      • Architect is once again a chat role

      • Arsonist can now day ignite daily, if the option allows for it

      • Added Bodyguard redirect option for Poisoner, Cult Leader and Arsonist dousing

      Cult Leader
      • Stopped culted town members from knowing all the town roles
      • Town conversion now have access to the night chat

      • Added option for detective to pierce immunity (requested setup option for specific setups. Garbage option in multi mode)

      • Set minimum night vote power in determining faction kills. Disguiser disguising as godfather would set this to 0 sometimes
      • Disguise won't work if person is using auto vest

      • Added role icon

      • fixed bug where executioner reassigns target, because target died but no targets exist

      Grave Digger
      • Added option for not allowing GD to targeting same corpse back to back
      • Added cooldown modifier for GD, mimicking the 'ability steal'

      • Added a feedback message indicating you were jailed
      • Made jailor a chat only role
      • Added role icon

      Mason Leader
      • Added mason leader feedback indicating if recruitment was successful or not. Matches CL now

      Mass Murderer
      • Fixed bug where MM would attack person twice if visiting self

      Serial Killer
      • Added role icon

      Team Suicide Ability
      • Fixed suicide story text to be colorful

      • Fixed bug where if on alert, and converted and jester suiciding, wouldn't die, because they were 'immune'

    Discord Features
    • People dying during the middle of day will now remove chat privileges
    • Living people will be tagged during day start
    • Added night chats for mafia/cult/graveyard/architect/jailor
    • Chats get deleted when night is done
    • Jailors aren't anonymous, and architect members know who the architect is after night ends
    • Added invite command that helps you set up the bot in a server
    • Removed [null] from Vote Count Header
    • If night ends early, the night countdown will now go to 0.
    • Fixed leaderboard stats mismatch
    • Added aliases for info(status) and living(alive)
    • Added aliases for votecount (votes) (vc)
    • Fixed issue where Mason promotion to Mason Leader caused personal stats issue
    • Users will now be notified where the hosted game was made, if they've subscribed
    • Narrator will now strip the @ from user mentions
    • Changed default living color to green from yellow
    • Fixed critical bug when host leaves discord game. No commands worked.
    • Squelched 'error has been logged' for day action submissions

    Visual Updates/Fixes
    • Updated Player lobby look
      • Added Kick, repick, and Ping options when clicking on players in setup
      • Also optimized when someone goes inactive/active, doesn't cause a whole bunch of unneccessary redraws. yay first optimization
      • Fixed scrolling issue with player lobby
    • Fixed visibility bug where if you had 1 single gun, it appeared twice in your role card
    • Added remaining auto vest remaining count to role card
    • Added "Pointer" mouseover to a lot of setup elements for better indication of whats actually clickable
    • Repaired pregame chat
    • Removed add/remove bots from game
    • Fixed overflow issue on mobile settings. Sound is now easier to click on/off
    • Accessing a story(aka previously played game) that doesn't exist will now properly let the user know that it doesn't exist
    • Fixed broken header issue when reviewing stories
    • Added story text for nighttime electrical explosions
    • Fixed visual update where the description of the role wasn't making it to the general info part of the page
    • No more "warnings" when people 'leave' the game.

    Database Updates
    • Added a bunch more death stories to cycle through. Some puns, some 'mafia' ones.
    • Removed guest accounts from the leaderboard
    • Fixed bug where putting a space in your name while joining as a guest would cause some weird problems detecting if the user in question is you.
    • Fixed bug where someone disconnecting would mess 'Host Controlled Voting'
    • Repicking as a moderator will make the mod the host of the game

    • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
    • Would like to add Joker
    • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.
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