[Mechanics] Possible Bus Driver Bug

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    Possible Bus Driver Bug

    Relevant people in this instance:

    WillelmMag ( Key: 4) // #13 = Handler (Role: Bus Driver)
    Mordecai (Key: Control + 2) // #10 = John Cena (Role: Escort)

    The 5th night is of interest in this replay.

    I, #13, bussed myself with #3. #10 attempted to roleblock #3. I did not get the message that I was bussed and neither did #3, however, #3 ended up being role blocked. Is this WAD or is it a bug? Replay available below.

    13: 13+3
    10: role blocked 3
    13 and 3 did not receive messages that they got bussed
    3 was succesfully roleblocked, however.

    I've read that the game repeats the swapping process a number of times to deal with paradoxes. It might be related to that mechanic, in which case it might actually be WAD. However, shouldn't we have received messages confirming that we were indeed bussed, or shouldn't both of us have received messages confirming we were role blocked?
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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    #13(BDer) Bussed himself with #3
    #10(Escort) Target #3
    #3 got RBed instead of #13 and neither got BDed.
    So really - both of them got RBed in reality because none got BDed. Seems like a bug.
    Though it kinda makes sense. An infinite loop of BDer getting RBed and not, so both get RBed but one not showing up.
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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptonic View Post
    it's because if the bussing went through, it would create a paradox.
    But isn't this impractical for actual gameplay?
    The solution to the paradox makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the lack of tangible feedback. It results in the players being confused and having to watch the replay to figure out what happened.
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?

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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    If the article on the wiki about the Bus Driver cycle being repeated is correct (the page where it can be found is called 'Mechanics'), then what actually occurred is as follows:

    1st Cycle: Bus Driver swapped himself with the Escort's target. Escort role blocks the bus driver AFTER the swap occurred.

    2nd Cycle: The Bus Driver, being role blocked, cannot act this time. The escort successfully role blocks his intended target.

    I suppose the messages that are displayed at the end of the night only show the last actions that occurred (that is, during the last cycle).

    There is no infinite loop; the bus-driving - and role blocking - actions only occur a number of times, otherwise the game would freeze.
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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    Since we talking about BDer, I wanted to ask something:
    Does BDer kill GF/DH/SK 100% if make them target themselves?
    Because I can clearly remember having, as GF, the message "you almost got hit by the bus" or something along those lines, and I lived.
    And similarly - shouldn't beguiler suffocate SK? I thought it would, but today it seemed that SK survived and just "almost suffocated".

    Edit: While we are at it - how can kidnapper/jailor kills get blocked? Only by escort?
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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    Bus Driver does not ignore night immunity.

    Jailor kills can be blocked by escort.

    Kidnapper kills can be blocked by escort; they also have a random chance to fail if the option Unblockable Kill is turned off, and I believe execution can be forced by Witch if that option is turned off (for Kidnapper), but I have never seen it happen.
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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsonist View Post
    Guys, then it's a paradox, if Escort roleblocks BD's target, then BD can't swap, then BD wouldn't be RBed.
    So then, logically should be blocked your target, the BD is a pretty buggy role and makes game so confusing like .
    If BD busses himself he won't get roleblocked.

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    So, what actually happened? I cannot find any explanation simpler than this, and Cryptonic's explanation - that the bussing does not occur at all - implies that there is some form of check that happens before the Bus Driver's night action, since the Escort acts after the Bus Driver.

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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    This bug needs to be fixed. I think i experienced the exact scenario. On top of that, as the BD, i was killed on that same night.


    I bus"d myself with Marsh. An escort blocked the Marsh. On the Marsh screen, it shows he got roleblocked but not swapped. On the my (BD) screen, it shows no swapping, no blocking, and i got killed. I got the replay somewhere, but i forgot to check whether that killer targeted me or the Marsh. I am thinking, if this is not a bug, the mechanics, is designed such that the BD is blocked as a result of swapping and the swapping did not go through, resulting in the Marsh as the actual one being roleblocked. The BD, ended up not being swapped, does not get the message that he"s roleblocked.

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    Re: Possible Bus Driver Bug

    It's not a bug, I think - it's in tune with the game mechanics.

    Roles that block others and relocate people(witch, bus driver, escort, etc) are unpredictable when interacting. The game runs the sequence a random number of times and picks a random stop point and goes with that, in order to solve complex webs and paradoxes.

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