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    Re: S-FM The Smith's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    @SuperJack Does Auditor know if the item is rigged/fake/real/disabled?
    Does the Mafia have a factional kill? (I guess not, just to make sure)
    Does Authenticater see disabled items? How does he see them?
    The auditor does not know it the item is rigged/fake/real.
    Mafia does not have a faction kill, but balence states they will have atleast one sure method of obtaining weapons.

    Authenticator selects an item in their own inventory and asks the host to check it.

    Since disabler only work when someone is about to use an item, an item can never be disabled after the night has been finished. ^^
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    Re: S-FM The Smith's.

    Changes made:

    Day-Use vests now in play, if you have one of these items, you may activate it during the night and the following day, you will be protected from a lynch.

    Rigger has been buffed, he may now use his own rigged items without penalty, and also given an auto armour, and auto vest.

    Balance states, that Mafia will have at-least one way of obtaining items.

    New role added: Blackmailer (Not what you think)

    At night, you may target a player, if that player can create items, they are then blackmailed to make an item for you.
    The item in which they make are random from their capabilities.
    The player is not informed.
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    Re: S-FM The Smith's.

    is solo mason possible?
    Totally not a fan of MM, though I love Marshmallow Marshall.
    What? You thought MM was Marshmallow Marshall? Naw, MM is mass murderer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsonist View Post
    Archons are so hard to read, blink's part looks like distorted's whore
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    Re: S-FM The Smith's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Supernoob View Post
    sorry was kinda drunk while on here
    Oh hey man I didn't see this!

    I definitely reccomend FM games, you've already shown your able to debate ^^ unfortunately this game is already ongoing, so you can only reserve.

    But there will be more games opening soon.
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