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    New forum

    There's should be a forum that would be about learning antother languaes (that are not english).
    Example of a thread (i took chinese for example, it sounds funny):

    Basic chinese language phrases.

    Hello = 你好 (Ni hao)
    Goodbye = 再见 (Zai jian)
    Thanks = 谢谢 (Xie xie)
    Sorry = 抱歉 (Bao qian)
    How are you? = 你好吗 (Ni Hao Ma)
    I am good = 我很好 (Wo hen hao)
    I am bad = 我不好 (Wo bu hao)
    I am good too = 我也很好 (Wo ye hen hao)
    I am bad too = 我也不好 (Wo ye bu hao)
    Haha = 哈哈 (Ha Ha)
    LOL = 大声笑 (Da sheng xiao).
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    Re: New forum

    Great idea. Here's some common Russian phrases:

    Basic Russian language phrases.

    Fuck = Блядь (blyad)
    Shit = говно (gov'no)
    Dick = хуй (khui)
    Bitch = сука (suka)
    Fuck (verb) = ебать (yebat')
    This/everything is fucked = это пиздец (eto pizdets (just pizdets for short, lit. "cunt"))
    Are you fucking insane? = охуел? (okhuiyel)
    Fuck you = Хуй тебе (hui tebe (lit. "dick to you"))
    Fuck you = пошел на хуй (poshel na hui (lit. "go on a dick", "na hui" for short))
    Fuck you = ёб твою мать (yob tvoyo mat' (lit. "fuck your mother", "tvoyo mat'" for short))
    Fuck you = ёбаный в рот (yobaniy v rot (lit. "fucked in the mouth"))
    Hahaha = хахаха (hahaha).



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