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    Re: S-FM SC2Mafia 1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Soviet_Love View Post
    Wow, @blinkskater . Really well, done, you were the player I was most sure was town while I was alive (and then when I died you became 2nd to rumox, but still much more sure and seemed like a more pro-town player than efe or hybrid or gyrlander). Well done, that was phenomenal - endings like that are why I wanted to play FM lol.
    He Might Seem Town But I Was The One Comfirming The Evils With My Legendary LW
    En Taro Monika!

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    Re: S-FM SC2Mafia 1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    I actually like how Efe was trying to bait out information like on d2 when he was trying to get me to out myself saying he knows my crimes etc and when he fake claimed gyr was the maf killer just to get reactions out of people
    Honestly, I have a hard time deciphering what Efe is saying, so much so that I just kind of tune out Efe's posts. Maybe Efe had an elaborate plan but, at least, it's completely lost on me.

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    Re: S-FM SC2Mafia 1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Soviet_Love View Post
    Idk may as well just not type at all. I don't get it.
    You see, Efe is actually three monkeys in a trench coat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    you can almost hear the bullet where the mayor shortly kills himself/herself upon realization.
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    SB16 was completely right ultimately.

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