S-FM Your Everyday Average Game (Re-sign)

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    S-FM Your Everyday Average Game (Re-sign)

    Link to Setup:

    1. blinkskater
    2. Stealthbomber16
    3. Scvmurderer
    4. Efekannn02
    5. naz
    6. Marshmallow Marshall
    7. Hybrid
    8. Soviet_Love
    9. Spruance
    10. Distorted
    11. Suntax
    12. hellbot
    13. lingsarecute

    1. Gyrlander
    2. Voss
    3. secondpassing

    Hello! I am the new Host ^^ Please re-sign/sign for this game if you wish to play!

    @Marshmallow Marshall @Hybrid @naz @Efekannn02 @Distorted @Scvmurderer @Spruance @blinkskater @Ratatoskr @vanizshotz @Voss @Stealthbomber16
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    Re: S-FM Your Everyday Average Game (Re-sign)

    /sign ofc, legendary setup for legendary season end
    Quote Originally Posted by Fielzanks View Post
    Unknown whispers slightly in David's ears as the sun disappear from the sky. "Listen, David. Blink is dangerous for our plan." His breath was fast, almost as if a hidden threat could come at any moment. "He will come for us David, he will come!" The man face was shrouded in shadows but the tone of his voice gave his emotions away. Ruthless planning mixed with fear. "Blink will jump at any occasion to kill MM. If MM sticks with his claim, as soon as you see this opportunity, counterclaim him.

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    Re: S-FM Your Everyday Average Game (Re-sign)

    Quote Originally Posted by Chalibluefin View Post
    Holy cow this looks interesting
    this was the most hype game i ever played

    Quote Originally Posted by WorldOfGenis View Post
    you dare fucking tell me what to care about? Whether it is trivial or fucking not you don't control no body but your fucking self so if you don't got nothing nice to say don't comment on my shit cause its not 4 u
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: S-FM Your Everyday Average Game (Re-sign)

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    Shame , well there will always be more games in the future ^^ want me to notify you when they are available?
    Yeah you can, but I probably won't be able to play anything until May. Taking really hard classes this semester and I've gotta make all A's.

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