Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

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    Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    How To Enter:
    Post in this forum with the following information:

    • A replay of the game
    • SC2 Account Name
    • In-game name and player #
    • A brief description on why you think you think you (or the player you're nominating) deserves to be MVP.

    Nominating An MVP:
    You can nominate yourself in your own replay, or you can nominate another player. If you nominate a winning player, and they win, you will also receive a prize to be decided by the staff.

    How To Win:
    Factors that lead to a win are... how strong your given role was, Special Achievements you earned (or would have earned if not already won), how good (or bad) the other players were, and how much influence your own actions had in the game.

    Additional Information:
    This thread will be open until the end of February 2018, at which time the contest will be closed for judging. Please remember to follow the rules below when posting a replay. And remember... be sneaky and have some fun!

    WINNER: MVP In-Game Achievement, MVP Forum Badge, and 2500 points.
    RUNNER-UP: 500 points.


    • A maximum of 2 replays are allow per submitting player. Any submissions beyond the first 2 will be ignored. If you want to make additional submissions, delete an older post first to be ensure you only have 2 submissions.
    • You cannot place more than once per contest... this means you cannot win 1st place with one replay and also 2nd place with another.
    • DO NOT submit any replays where you were breaking any rules. All replays in this contest are reviewed and punishments may occur.
    • Replays must be complete and not end before points are saved at the end.

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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    -Mafia- (507) MVP Contest Arsonist win no ignite.SC2Replay

    Setup information: The Neutral roles are: Neutral Killing, Neutral Random (does not exclude anything) and Neutral Benign.

    I choose the name THE LYNCH TRAIN'S DISCIPLE and roll Arsonist in slot #3.

    Day One: Nothing really happens, I play low profile.
    Night One: I douse #15, which will later appear to be the Marshall. Then, a Veteran (#4) kills the Framer. I get attacked two times: once by the Triad, and then by the Serial Killer. Remember: the setup allows two neutral killers in the game. I will use this particularity later in the game.

    Day Two: I claim being jailed N1 to avoid being called out in a death note. It also allows me to claim Executioner later, since it is night immune. We also discover the Framer's death, and someone tells to the Veteran to reveal, since mafia knows who he is. He does it. For some reason, people start voting him. I add some CHOO CHOO on #4's train, and then he gets put on trial, and innocented by a vote of 5 against 4. People scream everywhere to lynch players that guiltied, and then vote me. I give Executioner as a defense, say I'll side with Town, and that Bus Driver can use me as a shield. I know that if I am innocented, the Serial Killer that attacked me N1 will "prove" that he's the only Neutral Killing, since the setups do not usually allow more than one NK role. I get innocented, and thank the Town.
    Nothing interesting in N2.

    The next things that happened are: I get the information that #14 is the Escort that RBed me. People throw accusations everywhere. The Marshall (#15) calls for a group execution and gets his suspects. The day ends with 2 Townies and the Serial Killer dead.
    Then, white previlege (#8, Sheriff) says that I am Arsonist. I keep claiming Executioner, and use the SK's death as a defense. I do not get put on trial. Instead of that, we lynch the Jester (#11) for voting the Marshall. #7, a Mafia member, has a fake last will called out by Marshall. He changes it. The night following the Jester's death, #5 (Godfather) dies from guilt. The game keeps going... Some day, #8 ragequits because noone listened to him. With the Marshall dead, the game ends up in a 1-1-1 situation on decisive day. Everyone thinks it is #3 (Executioner) #4 (Veteran) and #7 (Mafioso). In fact, #3 (me) is Arsonist... I keep claiming Executioner and lynch my "target", #4. I fake until the night occurs... and win the game against the Mafioso (#7) from a tie breaker.

    Why did I never burn? For two reasons:
    #1: The setting "Victim's targets are ignitied" was on. I could've got hoist by my own molotov. It would've been sad...
    #2: The Serial Killer being dead, I was a confirmed Executioner for the other players. If I had burnt, I would have been obvious.

    Achievements: First Arsonist Win, All Neutral Roles. If I had ignited, I could have got Disco Inferno, and maybe Hoist By His Own Molotov. I get a lovely +193 points.

    I hope that you enjoyed my replay. Gl hf!
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by BoxerRebellion View Post
    Would you tolerate a replay that involves me spamming as a Marshall even though I was able to lynch two informants and an executioner? Followed up with DH and Arson Lynch?
    Spamming is strongly discouraged, but not against the rules unless it ruins the game.

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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    -Mafia- (607) MVP Interrogator win.SC2Replay

    I choose the name The Leek and role Interrogator in slot #14.
    The save is a 82221, with non-immune GF/DH.
    Achievements: First Interrogator win and Last of Kin (already had it).
    SC2 name: Zeratul

    I kidnap #7, the Mayor, N1. A jailor (#1) jails him too. We both spare him, him because he didn't want to kill mayor claim and me in order to be confirmed to him when he'll reveal.

    Later in the game, I use my kidnaps to reveal people's roles to the Triad (me and #10). I execute the impossible Bus Driver claim to kill the last mafia. I fake kidnapping my DH to clean him for now. The following night, I kidnap #15 (Survivor) on Mayor's demand. #10 was going to kill the jailed Bodyguard, which would cost us the game... but the problem is that if survivor tells I'm interrogator to Mayor because he saw me talking to my DH, I'll die... Crap! So I use the "I claimed day 1" said by 15 to disguise my "kill 1 not 2" in "1; 1; day one?". Mayor gets confused by all that stuff because he thinks I'm jailor. 10 gets lynched, sadly, because of a fishy doctor last will. 2, the Bodyguard, dies from my gun the following night. The situation is now: #7 Mayor, #14 Interrogator/Enforcer, #15 Survivor. My last will is N1: #7 mayor double jail lol N2: #1 jailor LOL N3: #11 exe N4: #10 doc N5: #15 surv N6: N/A. Mayor decides to lynch #15. Game ends on Day 8 with a Triad victory.
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post

    Does everyone have to re-post replays, since the last contest was cancelled? Because if they must, I'm feeling kinda bad atm because all replays are mine... If not, maybe previous sumbitted replays should be re-sumbitted?
    Yeah, I mean it's a little disappointing so far there's no submissions but you. Since I'm the new Judge, the replays need to be here. Hopefully there will be some late comers, there's no fun to a one-man MVP contest.

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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Ok then. @BigWood @Gyrlander @secondpassing @Exeter350 @Stereo @PowersThatBe @Omegasaur @JamesChurchill @Redrick @Fury @Efekannn02 @Reverse Cowgirl @boxerrebellion; wont mention nighthawk for obvious reasons @DTZeratul @Hybrid @SpiritofFire @Tempest @marshymarshy @blinkskater @CrimsonFcker @PQRnHack

    A new MVP contest has appeared right here, and your previous replays fell into oblivion because of... some problems with last contest. But rejoice, for this thread EXISTS! You must re-sumbit your replays/sumbit new ones if you want to participate.
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Ok Here's what went down I started out the game as ML, and got attacked by SK N1, I was then healed by a WD, then I was audited into a Citizen and alas turned Into a cultist. We learn day 2 that out original cultist was jailed and executed night 1, leaving Mr. Moustache and myself blinkskater alone as cult. I came right out the closet as ML on day 2, 3 randomly gets put up and also claims ML on the stand, so naturally i have to SPAM BULLSHIT! and he's a liar etc etc, to make sure he gets lynched so there seems like there can be truth to my claim. SO after he was found guilty it made my case for ML look promising. Everyone started PMing me roles/LW and I acted all ML like pming and whispering everyone back playing the part real well, a Judge courts and somehow I survive. Next night I call some shots and Low and behold I get attacked by SK again and naturally my WD buddy is on me. I dont claim i was attacked the next day. I get updated roles and LW's pmed to me more and more do some deducting and figure out 14 was a big fat Liar and Boom get him lynched. Low wand behold! he was the SK, i knew his story didn't add up. Now i'm pretty much the hero and savior of this bloody town. Next days we continue converting and I continue to steer the town to "victory". Then judge tries to court me again but we were ready for him and get some schmuck lynched instead, then get that pesky judge lynched the next day, and that pretty much seals the deal for us Cult. The replay must be watched from my character KillMeNightOne and Pms should be read! ENjoy!
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition


    Oh wow, this was a good one. I roll vet. I decide to goad mafia. Unsuccessful at first. Then I claim invest and pick #7 Donald Trump as my "scum target" based on his day 1 chat. I successfully get him lynched, flips disguiser. Then I alert and take out the GF, and a doc, poor girl. So then, I noticed 12's voting patterns and clearly scum question of "what should we vote?" So I push town to vote him, and take out the janitor.

    Now game doesn't end, i knew something had to be left. I ask for roles, and everyone pm's me b/c I'm confirmed AF. Well 5 claims vet, and I'm like no way bro, there's me vet and 2 is confirmed vigi. So I push vote on 5 after pushing inno on him, we lynch him and he flips sk.

    Well, 13 claims exe to me, and 2 confirms it. and I knew everything else was confirmed, so I push for 6 and have the neutral solo vote to minimize casualty. 6 flips witch.


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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Silencer game.

    I was paired with two newer players, my GF this was his first game ever. I suggested every single kill we made, and I silenced all of the correct targets. Later, I roped in the auditor after he audited me to ensure we had 4 solid votes at the end of game. I made 1 misstep, I selected to silence a veteran, however, I turned that lemon into lemonade as I was quickly able to fake my being silenced to get a mislynch off on him knowing he was a veteran. By pretending to be silenced first, I was able to make him look suspect. Later, I false claimed an invest role, claiming that one of the roles was the mm, getting a sheriff mislynched. I then suggested a kill on 13 who I found out to be the mm, and I wrapped the game up nicely.

    I earned my one teammate a flawless victory achievement, and both of my teammates got their first wins in their roles.

    Please enjoy the game and see if I'm worthy!


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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    I have a good solo witch doctor win. Being WD with no fellow cultists is a very hard win indeed.

    Note: I'm FloodingRain in sc2.

    Day 1: Failed to save 1.
    Day 2: bodyguard got voted up and inno'd. I figured 6 would be attacked, so I healed him. Turns out he was bussed, so the bussed target was attacked and converted to Cult. Recruited 9.
    Day 3: My cultist gamethrew after being converted, so I had 0 FUCKING CULTISTS AND TOWN THEN KNEW CULT WAS IN GAME (I FORGOT HOW SALTY I WAS, I'M REPORTING THAT MOTHER FUCKER). He was initially a jester, so he trolled to die anyway. Regardless, cult is now revealed and I am solo WD with 13 players still alive
    Day 4: Failed to save 5. Town discusses that any doctor claims are not to be trusted, as WD is a confirmed role in the game now (rolecards have no vanilla cult)
    Night 4: 7 was a lookout, and appeared to be very town in his play, so I healed him. He was attacked and converted.
    Day 5: Healed and recruited 7.
    Night 5: cultist recruits 13 (veteran)
    Day 6: Debating about what role to claim, lw, etc... so to buy time I claimed I had blood on my hands and had to clean it up.
    Convinced mayor BG couldn't be healed and I could only heal him (I needed him on my side)
    Day 7: Proved to mayor that I wasn't GF since I was RB'd
    Night 7: Tried to save 13 as I was sure he'd die, but escort RB'd me and stopped me from saving him. We recruited 11 (jailor) through conventional means as we knew all roles by that point and needed jailor.
    Night 8: I died, but had enough converts going around to win it in the end.

    Very rough game to win being solo WD, and then gamethrowing teammate caused us to be known very early. Successfully grew a large cult and cooperated with mayor all game to have enough numbers.
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    I'm FloodingRain on sc2, sorry for the confusion <3

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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Nighthawk View Post
    Yeah, I mean it's a little disappointing so far there's no submissions but you. Since I'm the new Judge, the replays need to be here. Hopefully there will be some late comers, there's no fun to a one-man MVP contest.
    there will be late comers

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