Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

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    Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    How To Enter:
    Post in this forum with the following information:

    • A replay of the game
    • SC2 Account Name
    • In-game name and player #
    • A brief description on why you think you think you (or the player you're nominating) deserves to be MVP.

    Nominating An MVP:
    You can nominate yourself in your own replay, or you can nominate another player. If you nominate a winning player, and they win, you will also receive a prize to be decided by the staff.

    How To Win:
    Factors that lead to a win are... how strong your given role was, Special Achievements you earned (or would have earned if not already won), how good (or bad) the other players were, and how much influence your own actions had in the game.

    Additional Information:
    This thread will be open until the end of February 2018, at which time the contest will be closed for judging. Please remember to follow the rules below when posting a replay. And remember... be sneaky and have some fun!

    WINNER: MVP In-Game Achievement, MVP Forum Badge, and 2500 points.
    RUNNER-UP: 500 points.


    • A maximum of 2 replays are allow per submitting player. Any submissions beyond the first 2 will be ignored. If you want to make additional submissions, delete an older post first to be ensure you only have 2 submissions.
    • You cannot place more than once per contest... this means you cannot win 1st place with one replay and also 2nd place with another.
    • DO NOT submit any replays where you were breaking any rules. All replays in this contest are reviewed and punishments may occur.
    • Replays must be complete and not end before points are saved at the end.

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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    -Mafia- (507) MVP Contest Arsonist win no ignite.SC2Replay

    Setup information: The Neutral roles are: Neutral Killing, Neutral Random (does not exclude anything) and Neutral Benign.

    I choose the name THE LYNCH TRAIN'S DISCIPLE and roll Arsonist in slot #3.

    Day One: Nothing really happens, I play low profile.
    Night One: I douse #15, which will later appear to be the Marshall. Then, a Veteran (#4) kills the Framer. I get attacked two times: once by the Triad, and then by the Serial Killer. Remember: the setup allows two neutral killers in the game. I will use this particularity later in the game.

    Day Two: I claim being jailed N1 to avoid being called out in a death note. It also allows me to claim Executioner later, since it is night immune. We also discover the Framer's death, and someone tells to the Veteran to reveal, since mafia knows who he is. He does it. For some reason, people start voting him. I add some CHOO CHOO on #4's train, and then he gets put on trial, and innocented by a vote of 5 against 4. People scream everywhere to lynch players that guiltied, and then vote me. I give Executioner as a defense, say I'll side with Town, and that Bus Driver can use me as a shield. I know that if I am innocented, the Serial Killer that attacked me N1 will "prove" that he's the only Neutral Killing, since the setups do not usually allow more than one NK role. I get innocented, and thank the Town.
    Nothing interesting in N2.

    The next things that happened are: I get the information that #14 is the Escort that RBed me. People throw accusations everywhere. The Marshall (#15) calls for a group execution and gets his suspects. The day ends with 2 Townies and the Serial Killer dead.
    Then, white previlege (#8, Sheriff) says that I am Arsonist. I keep claiming Executioner, and use the SK's death as a defense. I do not get put on trial. Instead of that, we lynch the Jester (#11) for voting the Marshall. #7, a Mafia member, has a fake last will called out by Marshall. He changes it. The night following the Jester's death, #5 (Godfather) dies from guilt. The game keeps going... Some day, #8 ragequits because noone listened to him. With the Marshall dead, the game ends up in a 1-1-1 situation on decisive day. Everyone thinks it is #3 (Executioner) #4 (Veteran) and #7 (Mafioso). In fact, #3 (me) is Arsonist... I keep claiming Executioner and lynch my "target", #4. I fake until the night occurs... and win the game against the Mafioso (#7) from a tie breaker.

    Why did I never burn? For two reasons:
    #1: The setting "Victim's targets are ignitied" was on. I could've got hoist by my own molotov. It would've been sad...
    #2: The Serial Killer being dead, I was a confirmed Executioner for the other players. If I had burnt, I would have been obvious.

    Achievements: First Arsonist Win, All Neutral Roles. If I had ignited, I could have got Disco Inferno, and maybe Hoist By His Own Molotov. I get a lovely +193 points.

    I hope that you enjoyed my replay. Gl hf!
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by BoxerRebellion View Post
    Would you tolerate a replay that involves me spamming as a Marshall even though I was able to lynch two informants and an executioner? Followed up with DH and Arson Lynch?
    Spamming is strongly discouraged, but not against the rules unless it ruins the game.



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