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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    Quote Originally Posted by RLVG View Post
    I'm not voting anyone today.
    The thing on Voss was just to add a fucking shade, and it got fruit now that his valuable vote was disabled.
    It was blatantly obvious to a point that it's too obvious. I'm surprised the bait actually worked.
    you went for broke, and it failed. gg.

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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    So Hybrid, here's how I see it.

    Unknown, Distorted, and Efkan want me dead. One of them is mafia. The other two are among Nawa, RLVG, and Yuki.

    RLVG is open wolfing.
    Nawa is game throwing and isn't trying to help us solve this at all.
    Yuki, I think is trying to fall on a sword, and not get either of Nawa/RLVG lynched.
    @hyrid. 2 scum are here. RLVG is OPEN wolfing.

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    yeh it seems a bit fishy i m reading a bit
    Yuki as GF left that DN framing Whad and he even tried to claim Lenin. I asked him what actions he did, he changed his claim to PSS then stopped talking and signed off. Yuki ALSO tried to hammer Spruance rofl

    RLVG just outted himself as mafia and threatened to kill you. second voss pointed a lead on spruance though RLVG jumped off me and on to spruance.

    Voss CAN NOT GET VOTED UP by RLVG or Yuki. and Voss will not vote either of them.

    This is literally clear, and how many times as mafia have you said exactly what RLVG just said, "If you dont do what we say we kill you".

    lol the evidence is so clear. Unknown has voted up everyone here but RLVG
    I have went on everyone here as well. and me and unknown literally tried to get eahother lynched HARD day 2.

    Which, i believe it was a mis-understanding of playstyles. Unknown likes to read individuals to find scum, I look for alignment indications and teaming. So we had a weird read on eachothers strategies being "anti-town".

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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    so i should? just be honest i will give the gun to someone idk tonight after skipping they should reveal
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Your signature shuld be "Too scummy to be scum!" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post
    Hybrid... :weed: even his corpse is scummy

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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    so i will give a gun to voss tonight, do not rb me rb whad instead i m pming iced rn
    HYBRID, DUDE WE CAN KEEP U ALIVE. ffs dude if Whad heals you YOU ARE FINE. RLVG is consort so we can lynch him first, but that means we have to acept 2 deaths tonight, which im fine with if u just vote with us man

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