S-FM Fableblood Tavern III

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    S-FM Fableblood Tavern III

    Fableblood III:
    The Return of Haloden

    [9 Players]

    This is a rehosting of an older setup first developed by stealthbomber, then rehosted and tweaked by mattzed. I highly recommend reading the setup before signing for this game, as some of our new community members may find the factions unconventional. This is another nightless game, with the focus on honing your abilities to scum hunt based on the motivations behind each players actions and interactions, rather than relying on night actions to solve the game. Between this signup and S-FM The Coldest War, whichever sees a full signs list first will be hosted first.
    Setup Link

    1 - ScvMurderer
    2 - Efekannn02
    3 - Hybrid
    4 - Mesk514
    5 - RLVG
    6 - blinkskater
    7 - Whad
    8 - Distorted
    9 - Marshmallow Marshall
    10 - Unknown1234


    A republished setup thread will be posted when this game begins. It will mostly cover small changes, such as my rules regarding reserved/blacklisted colours, and the definitions regarding 'lurking'. Noticeably this game will heavily enforce rules regarding insulting players and targetting players behind the slot instead of the slot themselves. Replacements or modkills will be made at my discretion, and infractions will be served when required.
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    Re: S-FM Fableblood Tavern III

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    I just wanted to make sure it implied "hosted first does NOT mean that there can be two games at once"...
    This was clarified early. First game to fill will be hosted first. The other game will not be hosted until the current game is over.

    Monopoly of the Iced variety

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