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    S-FM The Coldest War


    A long time ago, we had a wonderful host going by the name of Suntax. Suntax bought us his setup 'Cold War', a multifaction s-fm that was rather enjoyable to play for the time that it actually existed. The first play through was cut short by the end of day 1 due to some host errors that essentially confirmed players alignments, and feedback being sent out incorrectly confirming other player alignments. Nevertheless, we all gathered around again for the second playthrough, 'The Colder War'. This game too saw an abrupt end, as the host experienced personal issues that restricted his ability to make posts, and so the notorious Cold War series ended again.

    So here we are, nearly 2 years on, about to play the third run through of this fine setup, and hopefully make it past day 1 this time. S-FM The Coldest War is here.

    If you want to see what went down in the first games, links are below.

    The actual setup is here

    1 - SCVMurderer
    2 - Hybrid
    3 - Efekannn02
    4 - RLVG
    5 - Voss
    6 - Marshmallow Marshall
    7 - blinkskater
    8 - Nawa
    9 - Distorted
    10 - Yukitaka Oni
    11 - Spruance
    12 - Unknown1234
    13 - Whad
    14 - BoomBoom (Pending)

    1 - fury
    2 - secondpassing
    3 - Rumox

    Everyone is welcome to sign, and I certainly wouldnt mind seeing some of the OG gang back either to play this one, if any of them still check in. @Stealthbomber16 @Toadette @Yukitaka Oni @Mikecall @RLVG @ika @Sen @SuperJack @Calix @Numbertwo @secondpassing @Firebringer @Thornholt @TheDarkestLight @DarknessB @MattZed
    and of course our esteemed host @Suntax is invited back to either cohost, or partake as a player in his setup

    A republished setup thread will be posted when this game begins. It will mostly cover small changes, such as my rules regarding reserved/blacklisted colours, and the definitions regarding 'lurking'. Noticeably this game will heavily enforce rules regarding insulting players and targetting players behind the slot instead of the slot themselves. Replacements or modkills will be made at my discretion, and infractions will be served when required.
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    Re: S-FM The Coldest War

    /sign I'm glad to play a Suntax setup his games were really great. (I checked in the archived fms :P)
    Quote Originally Posted by Fielzanks View Post
    Unknown whispers slightly in David's ears as the sun disappear from the sky. "Listen, David. Blink is dangerous for our plan." His breath was fast, almost as if a hidden threat could come at any moment. "He will come for us David, he will come!" The man face was shrouded in shadows but the tone of his voice gave his emotions away. Ruthless planning mixed with fear. "Blink will jump at any occasion to kill MM. If MM sticks with his claim, as soon as you see this opportunity, counterclaim him.

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