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    Re: Instant Mafia 4.0 Signups

    @Mesk514 @Aardvarks Bark @naz @Marshmallow Marshall @Scvmurderer @Efekannn02 @blinkskater @Nawa

    Hey guys, since there is a lot of new faces here, I thought id find out what time is convenient for games to start for the majority of you. Im based in Australia operating on GMT+10, and usually start my games at around 7am. This was working well for the community, but im not sure if thats still the case anymore.

    For reference, it will be 7am for me in 22hours from the time of this post. If thats fine for you, just drop a yes. If not, let me know what would be more convenient for you. I cant do earlier than 7 ~before anyone tries to hit me with a 3am gamestart.

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    Re: Instant Mafia 4.0 Signups

    I'm good with that time.
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