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    Instant Mafia

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    Role List
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town


    Win Condition
    Town: Lynch 1 Mafia
    : Lynch 1 Town

    Role Cards
    Mayor: Can reveal as the Mayor recieving 1 extra vote
    Sheriff: Recieves information that 1 citizen is town at the start of the game
    Mason: They share an active private chat but are not host confirmed to etchother
    Citizen: No abilities of any kind
    Mafia: They share an active private chat

    The game only has 1 day cycle. One lynch will decide the game. Day is 72 hours long. There is no factional kill or night action of any kind.

    I do not host often but I feel like this is something our community could use to improve. A lot of games players pass the time waiting for another day where they will have more information. In this type of setup there is no waiting and a decision must be made. In order to win the town will have to effectively use day chat.

    Anon signs are allowed
    Pictures and Videos are allowed in a limited amount
    Invisible text is allowed
    Quoting the host is not allowed (Do not quote your role card)
    No out of game communication
    Personal attacks are not allowed (Keep hostilities Slot dirrected. Not player dirrected)
    Players will be required to reply to their role card PM verifying that they know their role
    If you can not dedicate time to the game do not sign up (Active participation in day chat is mandatory)
    It takes 5 votes to lynch
    At my discretion violations of rules may result in a mod kill or replacement
    Attempting to get mod killed in order to forward your win condition will be considered cheating; infractions will be chased once the game has ended and you will be removed from the game without a role flip. The town will have to decide if they want to lynch your empty slot or not.

    Training Hydras are allowed. In this situation only the new player would be allowed to post but he could share a OOG chat with 1 experienced player to help give him tips.
    If there gets to be an insane amounts of signs Hydras 'may' be allowed unless a player specifically voices they do not want it to be a ***** game. This will only happen to facilitate a large signup demand. Any ***** that comes into play forfeits anonymity with all players in the ***** being revealed.

    we could give this a go again if someone wants to host it.

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    Re: Instant Mafia

    Unless I misunderstood the mechanics, Mason seems like an overpowered role. It's at worse a citizen. In this setup, the optimal town play is to rolecall from the get go. Since masons can confirm themselves as town using their OOG chat, mafia have to either deal with 2+ confirmed town (ie going from 6/8 chance of winning to 4/6 for 2 masons) or try to force a 2v2 with the masons by claiming they are the masons (2/4 chance of winning if there are two masons). Of course, if there happens to be more than two masons, mafia loses. Add to that the possibility of there having a mayor and the mafia are even more fucked.
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    Re: Instant Mafia

    Imo, having both sheriffes and masons was too overpowered for town. If you were to add mayor to that it s an easy win for town because the game just becomes claim to win kind of thing. Imo, in a game there should be a limit to special roles coming to town like only 2 masons or only 1 sheriff or only 1 mayor to the game. Or else as like the last game it is kind of easy to see who is evil or not.

    @Mesk514 i know you ve started signing the games so it wont change a thing but if it were to be hosted again please consider my advices to the setup
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    Re: Instant Mafia

    Random Suggestions :
    1. Sheriff should have a single day action that it confirms to the Sheriff the player they've named is either a Mafia or a Scum. Can be used anytime.
    2. Instead of Mason confirming eachother, let's make a lulzy situation that both Mafia and Masons share an anonymous daychat together, but only Scum know eachother.
    3. With anonymous chat idea above, more than 2 masons could be possible.

    Just sharing my ideas and wanting to see a more crazy game, and potentially more balanced.

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