S-FM: Super Basic (7P)

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    S-FM: Super Basic (7P)

    Welcome to the signups for S-FM Super Basic!

    This S-FM is aimed to be basic. Newbies are welcome, and the pros are also welcome.

    I'll start hosting this game once there's an adequate amount of signs.
    If signs are coming faster than I expected however, I'll start at earliest the 6th November.
    The game starts on this specific time : 18:00 Central European Time (Or GMT+1), day and night cycles start and end in that time as well.

    A reminder that it's not first come, first serve. Too many signs and I'll randomize the players.

    Here's the Link to the setup. (click me!)

    Edit : The game is about to start, so signs are locked, reserves are welcome.

    The people who have signed :
    - Gyrlander
    - Mesk514
    - Hybrid
    - Scvmurderer
    - Nawa
    - PIayer
    - Marshmallow Marshall

    The people who have reserved :
    - None yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fielzanks View Post
    Unknown whispers slightly in David's ears as the sun disappear from the sky. "Listen, David. Blink is dangerous for our plan." His breath was fast, almost as if a hidden threat could come at any moment. "He will come for us David, he will come!" The man face was shrouded in shadows but the tone of his voice gave his emotions away. Ruthless planning mixed with fear. "Blink will jump at any occasion to kill MM. If MM sticks with his claim, as soon as you see this opportunity, counterclaim him.

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    Re: S-FM: Super Basic (7P)

    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post

    inb4 Mesk fakeclaim on me D2, SCV + Hybrid + Nawa instasheep GG ♥
    Naww u ll get urself killed mr claim judge
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Your signature shuld be "Too scummy to be scum!" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post
    Hybrid... :weed: even his corpse is scummy

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