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    Deathly: 1-S2-1-8536293

    Account Name: Deathly
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-8536293
    In-Game Name: Federico Colombo
    Crimes Committed: Leave train, Role quitting, Intentional Game-throwing

    Your Account Name: Davis
    I created amazing save and Deathly outed himself and other masons day 2 causing leave train

    I don't normally snitch but this save was amazing and homeboy ruined it.
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    Re: Deathly: 1-S2-1-8536293

    ID Verification:
    Deathly: Correct. 1-S2-1-8536293

    Players Added to Report:

    Deathly: 4

    Deathly is given the name Federico Colombo and is a Mason in slot #11.
    Player is given the name Giulio DiCaprio the Short and is a Mason Leader in slot #13 (important to report).
    VolKov is given the name Saviero Fondra the Drunk and is a Mason in slot #12 (important to report).

    Day 1-Night 1: Normal gameplay

    Day 2: Deathly reveals the Mason team and the following roles quit; Mason, Mason, Mason Leader, Jailor, Auditor, Arsonist;
    I 02:54 Deathly guys
    I 02:58 Deathly this game is boring as shit
    I 02:59 Deathly 11 - mason 13 - mason leader 12- mason
    I 03:00 Deathly GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;
    I 03:05 wwdeer ohh fuck you
    I 03:09 [Skwirl]Player wow 11
    I 03:13 [Skwirl]Player fuck you then
    I 03:15 [Skwirl]Player GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;
    I 03:17 ilgWarmaster ;lol
    I 03:18 VolKov GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;
    I 03:19 [GyGy]Heavenknight wow....
    I 03:21 Jacob wat
    I 03:21 wwdeer holy shit fuck this game
    I 03:23 Animals GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;
    I 03:33 TriggerHeart GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;
    I 03:35 ilgWarmaster GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;

    The game ends on Day 5 with a Cult victory (shocker).

    Was the game result altered?
    If I could, I would make the "yes" size 64 font. Most definitely.

    Player Offenses:
    Deathly: Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses:
    Deathly: None

    Recommended Action:
    Deathly: Watchlist x2

    Additional Notes:
    This is Deathly's first report, and as an Intentional Gamethrowing offense has been committed, a Watchlist x2 is in order.

    I honestly haven't seen an Intentional Gamethrow have such a huge impact on a game.

    Thank you for your effort to keep the game clean!
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