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    Re: <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game

    Quote Originally Posted by renegade View Post
    I came here to bring to light the formal and systemic support of GRIEFING and SPAMMING and CHOOO CULT TROLLING just because their dear leader happens to be a mafia forum mod or something goofy like that.

    Time to shine a light on the systemic abuse that is perpetuated and endorsed by those including SCVmurderer and his flunkies.
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    Re: <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game

    Quote Originally Posted by devyn View Post
    @renegade I, on behalf of choo, Apologize.... that you are a sensitize attention-seeking child with nothing better to do than support a forum against a SMALL CLAN IN A MINI-GAME... IN AN ALMOST DEAD VIDEO GAME.
    Wow too kind.

    Truly a scvmurderer flunky and hacker apologist.

    Good luck.

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    Re: <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game

    circles circles I'm getting dizzy folks, bring something else so I can eat my popcorn
    (I.E We are going in circles, bring something new with EVIDENCE)
    Cultist of Cute Pandas, JOIN US OR WE KILL YOU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Its just gonna be a big shouting match of "your so scummy" "nuuu uhhh" "yaaaaas yew rrrrr" "yew r duh scumiest i weel lynch yew" .................flips town

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    Re: <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoebese View Post
    I believe someone named renegade just blatantly threw a game I played in.

    How do I report? I am new to the forums.
    Follow this link to report. Instructions are on the page.

    Thanks for helping keep the game clean!

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    Re: <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game

    Hello and welcome to the final post of this thread and topic!

    If you wish to proceed with claims of griefing or rulebreakers please post a report with a replay, even if it's a small replay, they add up.
    If you believe Out of Game communication is being done between groups of people, also report that in reports and replay.

    If you have a problem with a particular staff member, post it into the Answer hall, where Admins and High Council will address the situation.

    If you have issues on the forums, report the post with the report function and it will also be seen to.

    If you are upset this topic is locked, send me a PM on why it should remain open.

    Further topics relating to this topic will also be closed or deleted.

    Any further words, pm me. Like just pm me yeh?

    Thanks for reading.
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