Where is the line between gamethrowing and metagaming for a victory

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    Where is the line between gamethrowing and metagaming for a victory

    I've been seeing a lot of people host these really terrible "cult vs masons with minimal night kills" saves and here's what tends to happen in them:

    Town ships the only killer, or entire (usually 2man) triad really quickly, or they AFK and heart attack out of game

    Town now has scum hopelessly outnumbered, and confirmed ML + confirmed mason starts bashing cultists every night. There's no killer that can hurt the confirmed ML, and when the auditor audits a mason the new ML just masons him again etc etc

    Host is a retard and left "1 night between conversions" off
    ML is bashing a cultist, townie helps find another cultist that is bashed, becomes confirmed, gets converted

    Game ends with 6 dead cultists in graveyard AKA 6 townies that lost the game by getting culted then bashed by ML (and usually either the most helpful or most "confirmed" townies

    The two masons and maybe 1 town win the game together

    Since the majority of the town-starting players actually lost the game, why don't I either:
    Find a cultist then suicide immediately after as a non-mason townie to cement my alignment as townie and win when the cult dies OR
    Get a townie or 2 to vote with cult, and Lynch the mason leader while I am town, assuming that the cultists will convert me

    Am I playing for my wincon or my alignments wincon? Because I would act very differently depending on what's gamethrowing. Also don't post PTFO or you'll be banned
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    Further examination on this end shows that I am in the wrong, and Superjack and Helz are correct. This player is playing at a very high level, beyond what we usually see in the mod, and consequently, I am overturning this report.

    This decision is final.

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    Re: Where is the line between gamethrowing and metagaming for a victory

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    you play to your current wincon in the role card that is given to you. aiding scum with the intention and expectation of being converted is considered throwing
    If it's obvious, it's still throwing? Like if Town can't win?
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