S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

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    S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

    S-FM 8-2-2 SIGNUPS



    1. Hybrid
    2. SuperJack
    3. RLVG
    4. xramza
    5. Scvmurderer
    6. Player
    7. mrtrophywife
    8. Marshmallow Marshall
    9. Otakudweeb69
    10. powerofdeath
    11. Mesk514
    12. Dr Unknown
    13. Secret Sign


    1. Nawa

    Game will start 24~ hours after signups are full.
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    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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    Re: S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

    Welcome Dark Lord!

    Welcome Mrtrophywife!
    Welcome Player!
    Welcome all new guys, I won't them all, come on...
    Quote Originally Posted by AIVION View Post
    Prove that your High?
    I think you proved that already.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slaol View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    I wanted to buy a kinder egg in usa. But apparently they arn't sold because they are too dangerous.
    So I bought two assault rifles instead.

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    Re: S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by AnassRhamur View Post
    Please don't post in the punished players section if you're not involved. Consider this a warning from Thugnificent. You got one Thug ticket. Collect 3 more of those and i'll have to issue a Thug Infraction. Collect 3 Thug Infractions and you get 1 Thug Misdemeanor Charge.

    Spoiler : :
    Citizen, Agent, Citizen, Vigilante, Citizen, Godfather, Citizen, Citizen, Voter, Elder, Mafioso, BackUpSleuth, Escort, Mafioso, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Tailor, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, TheJoker, Citizen, LadyGaga, Mafioso, Winston Wolfe, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Masquerader

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    Re: S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Unknown View Post
    I have a question, are mentors ok to have? Since this is my first game
    Yep always <3 Just try to look townie and boom u win
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Your signature shuld be "Too scummy to be scum!" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post
    Hybrid... :weed: even his corpse is scummy

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    Re: S-FM 8-2-2 Signups

    Form a noob block with me Dr! It's my first game too!

    It may be a lil' off topic but oh well, as I won't be able to do it in the game, and to balance the fact I've lurked some games with some of you but you got nothing from me in exchange, allow me to share my "reads" on you all !

    (/!\ disclaimer, this list has NO VALUE beyond entertainment & ego boosts, use at your own discretion and don't forget we will all be new persons at the beginning of the game )
    Spoiler : * :
    Gyrlander - you often gave me a good vibe when I was reading your plays, even when I didn't understand your underlying motives. Would have liked to play with you, but I'm also glad you are the host. Good man

    Hybrid - Only saw you in the last "???" game and I consider you did a very job in this game given your role. Im a noob but felt it like very strong town behavior, borderline scummy but I assume it was all planned to gather as much info as you could in the heat. Finally, you were not lynched but took the bullet n2, so still a good result considering your situation atm. Gg sir even if you lost, would not mess with you and hoping you will be town

    SJ - From the few I've gathered, somewhat more discrete player than the average (less spammy) but seems skilled. Having a basis of being active while not saying much is a good meta to have imo: lessens possible flips, help to stay under the radar, and when you actually speak, your words actually carry more weight (whatever your alignment). So I wouldn't mess with you either!

    RLVG - Lol you blew my mind with the Arthur & Merlin stuff, overall it was so susp of you dropping that bomb then laying back not acting mayor. But the setup infos were so scarce, uninformed majority was forced to believe it at some point. And well I bought it like many others, believing you 'til the end like the child being told a story, so 10/10 would get mindfxcked again. Don't give advices ingame please, I'll fear you'll be masterminding me and gathering easy town cred . I fear you the most although I'm biased by the fact you won the "???" game.

    Mesk - Glad you are in this game, I usually try to see things from your pov when I read a game featuring you (I read severals). I hope you don't take it bad when I say you seem to have a shitpost-based gameplay, bc I really mean it as a compliment. I like your gameplay and that's why I usually take your pov when reading games. From my outsider pov your overall strategy is kinda the opposite of SJ's: more loudy than average, but still you are able to say important things between the lines, and the specific parts of your spam that are or aren't overlooked by others is giving valuable information in the end, to you and to the whole town. That, and the fact you seem to take the game seriously but still not THAT seriously, is a good thing imo. Not only it makes games nicer to read, it also allows you to virtually switch register at will, f.e. deflecting pressure with humour one day, pressure with intended lack of humour the day after, deflecting pressure with "idc" the day after, then posting an incriminating wall of text the day after. Idk how much you really use this feat, but in short I typed all this to say it'll be hard for a newcomer like me to read you, I feel your gameplay is tailored to fit this forum metagame and mine is obv not. I just hope we won't both be Cits trying to get each other lynched because I know I will 100% loose this specific minigame ^^

    MM - I have few infos on you but somehow my brain associates your pseudo with "Pro citizen" (idk why lol) and nice guy so here is your easy way being townread by me xD

    Otaku - Ive only seen you in the "???" game, you seemed to know what you were doing with the few you were given, but thanks to the shady setup I don't have enough data to assume
    anything. I'm in the dark so I guess that's good news for you ^^

    POD - Got almost no data on you, maybe I need to read a game where you're in? The only thing I know so far is that you're no beginner => is this useful

    The Others - Got no data on you at all, so I'll assume you're all newbs like me and Dr Unknown. If that's the case, that's cool! Don't want to be the only fish in the shark aquarium. If not... well gg you can now use this information to buddy/manipulate me.

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