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    Re: S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    jfc, you are one of the reasons why i hate anime fanbases...
    Cause I ship two characters that aren't canon? Sorry for committing the worst crime on Earth.

    Edit: Worst, not worse. ffs gyrlander you know better than this
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    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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    Re: S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Dude, you said it. Bakugou is so badass and agressive towards Midoriya that it's so easy to imagine that he secretly has some secret feelings... You know, Bakugou is the tsundere type. Fucking antisocial but when he reveals his inner self... oh mama. OH MAMA MIA. Ah, and I agree that Midoriya being the active of the relationship is fucking shit and only crazy women think it would be SUGOI when it would be senseless as Bakugou is the fucking ACTIVE AND DOMINANT of the relationship like COME ON. WHO CAN'T IMAGINE HIM CORNERING MIDORIYA AND... DOING THINGS.

    Spoiler : Yaoi that might be too explosive for you :

    Please refrain from posting anything... this off-topic

    Quote Originally Posted by MattZed View Post
    deathworld's and RLVG's suicides made me lul. I take a lot of pleasure in knowing that I gave you an night action, and that you used it to kill yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    At least Mesk has lewdy lefty and raunchy righty. You're not even Canadian.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown1234 View Post
    BRO HUUUUUUMP!! That's so Mesk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    fucketh me in the ass

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    Re: S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    Le /sign
    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    Tbh if the people you are complaining about has 10 brain cells, you d only one 15 just because you are thinkinf they d read it and just because you are thinking that mod mafia always have a stable and the same thinking pattern going on. This thing is compeltly useless and not worth reading. If you complain losing the game then just stop playing because you could always mak3 town believe in yourself. Stop blaming the other players and calşing them idiots and blame yourself for your own lose for once....

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    Re: S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    Exactly why I'm playing ;)
    ya you'll be able to understand what's going on for once

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Blue Masquerader View Post
    Hey moron. shut the fuck up or I will shut you up, k? I'm not the person your going to insult and live happily ever after. K? Understand that,



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