[Other] SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files

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    SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files

    I was trying to backup my Mafia bank file today when I noticed that Mafia has almost 40 extra bank files that aren't used in Mafia. I opened a few of the banks and I'm pretty sure they are related to the Wings of Liberty Campaign. I'm 100% sure I'm looking the right folder, because I recognize the two bank files that are relevant to Mafia. I'm also sure that the files aren't necessary to play Mafia because other arcade games (such as Ant Colonies) only use one bank file.

    This isn't a big problem, and I doubt I'm the first person to notice it.

    Screenshot of the banks inside my Mafia folder:
    way too many banks.PNG

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    Re: SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files

    It might be tough (particularly for inexperienced players) to find their bank file so that they can back it up. Like I said, it's not very important.

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    Re: SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files

    Strange - I'll check this out. As far as I know the only one that matters is MBank13 - the rest almost look like copies of campaign files

    All I have in my folder is key and Mbank13 so I have no idea where you got all those from. Is this a back up or a restore?

    edit: The only people who should have more than this in there are people who have been playing since like mafia alpha/beta back in the COM days when we were still figuring out how to make banks not break every update.
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    Re: SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files

    Hmmm. I don't know how/when I got these files. I played Mafia a few times in 2011-2012 on a different computer with a different username (same id#). I started playing again a year ago on a new computer with my current username.



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