Currently seeking additions to FM staff

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    Currently seeking additions to FM staff

    Potential Tasks include:
    -Reviewing setups for approval (Will require a good understanding of FM game balance and the ability to recognize and troubleshoot potential issues)
    -Managing a game setup query
    -Managing violations of rules on the web sight and recommending appropriate punishments
    -Networking with players to identify ways to improve their experience
    -The ability to work in a team (This means accepting you will not always have your way, the ability to get along with others and work towards a common goal while respecting others opinions especially when they are opposed to your own)

    In the next few months I anticipate an influx of players to this web sight and am attempting to get the FM side back on track. If you are interested in becoming a part of that please shoot a post here:

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    Re: Currently seeking additions to FM staff

    Thank you for this info, ff there was anything about it, I would be happy to know :-)
    Similar rules as Path of Exile, only there instead of mafia systems you can buy and sell PoE Orbs. The most important in poe are three different types of orbs, each orb being the object and serves for another. Trafficking and the use of orbs makes the Path of Exile much more interesting.
    1) Mirror of Calandra
    Mirror of Calandra is the most expensive of all the orbs, its price ranges from $ 165 to almost $ 200. Beginners PoE players often do not even know how much this orb is worth.
    2) Exalted Orbs
    Exalted Orb is the most commonly used and most commonly traded item among players, usually if you want to buy some poe orbs then you are replacing them with exalted orbs. They usually answer $ 1 and that's what they do, the price of Exalted Orbs is usually around $ 1
    3) Chaos Orbs
    Chaos Orbs are second most popular orbs, replacing some cents (just like Exalted replaces the dollar). They are much cheaper orb, easy to find and can be bought very cheaply.
    These 3 types of orb are the main orb, but with the addition of Fall of Oriath new PoE orbs such as the Ancient Orb.
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    Re: Currently seeking additions to FM staff

    I'd like to apply

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