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    Re: ToGoodForYou: 1-S2-1-4088605

    Unfortunately the replay in the thread provided is part of a Star Craft version that is no longer supported. Because of this someone will have to go in depth to take a look at your bank. If you wish, you may include the replay you had and we can check to see which one has more points.

    I apologize for the delay and I will get back to you very soon with the statistics from the thread provided.

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    Re: ToGoodForYou: 1-S2-1-4088605

    Its perfectly fine if a solution could not be found for finding the amount of points and achieves, I've been playing for the past 5-6 year and I've restarted more than once, no big deal. Just let me know so that I know you guys aren't wasting your time searching since its its alright if theres no solution! Much Appreciated

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    Re: ToGoodForYou: 1-S2-1-4088605

    @TooGoodForAll , the replay provided from the link in your OP shows 6111 points, 140 wins and 219 games played.

    You can add me, Mesk514#1384 or look for SuperJack, Tossangel & Firebringer in the -Mafia- channel.

    & yes, I apologize for the delay. @Omegasaur and I were having issues with the bank extractor and i'm a mac loser so.

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