S-FM - The Alchemist of Nightmares

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    S-FM - The Alchemist of Nightmares

    The Alchemist of Nightmares

    Created by Ronsan
    Hosted by The Lovely Mesk

    Role list
    The Alchemist Himself
    Alchemist Apprentice
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject
    Hidden Subject

    This is a 12 person game, created by Ronsan, hosted by Mesk. All additional information incorporated into the original setup design has been added in this color.

    Spoiler : All The Information You Need :
    You're usual heroes are gone, you haven't heard from an investigator for a long time. The towns not only been in trouble, The Godfather's extended trip has taken its stay for too long. There is a new threat on the horizon, one of your friends, the town doctor has been meddling in forces no one could control, forces strong enough even the witches wouldn't mess with. Jester's last laugh isn't as terrifying as your late doctor. He truly has become an alchemist, made out of nightmares. The towns enemies now must band together versus a new threat, their roles have been jumbled. Everyone on our site has disappeared!!! Our Keepers have gone MIA, our warden is vacationing on the beach and doesn't want to come home! OUR PLAYERS ARE GOING BEZERK. Our admins have turned into meddling pests!!! It seems like a higher force has taken over our lovely home for Mafia games. EVEN SOME PECULIAR ROLES HAVE BEEN ADDED. Whatever shall the site do now? Perhaps fight to keep the sanity of the site? or maybe the site will be lost in limbo for forever.

    Game set information
    1. This set requires a semi-serious role play nature, but really should be highlighted by the host. Build an atmosphere to make this unnamed man terrifying. (this will be done)
    2. Only alignment is revealed on death (Town or Against-town which includes selfish masons/rebel/exe)
    3. Last wills are disabled
    4. Death Notes are enabled
    5. No one is night immune (I don't know if this is obvious)
    6. 48 hour days/24 hour nights is recommended the time frame of the game
    7. Game starts Night 0
    9. Since some "Subjects" aren't necessarily good make sure there is a nice balance There will be balance.

    Role cards:
    Spoiler : The Alchemist and Apprentice :

    The Alchemist - Here he is, ladies and gentleman gather round for a new performance, one that nightmares are made out of; You have a multitude of potions you are able to brew. Each night you may choose to brew two to add to your stash, and use any that you have brewed earlier nights.(you pick two, you use maximum of two) You may only brew one killing potion each day (Volatile soul oil, Shocking Concoction, THE BIG ONE). Pay attention to the specific rules on each potion. You know who the apprentice is and can send him anonymous messages at any time, but you can never say your name in these messages(or drop hints). You will leave a last will only to the apprentice if you die. You win with the Apprentice. Should you attempt to use a potion on a dead person, you will use it on the Bus Driver. You are not informed if your potions are successful.

    Apprentice - The one everyone fears seems to trust you, you take that as an opportunity; You do not know The Alchemist's identity, but you may receive messages in an anonymous chat with him. You do not have any abilities until the Alchemist dies, then you will receive his last will. Every night after you will brew a random potion. You will have the potions the Alchemist had before he died. You can only use one potion each night. If there is somehow multiple apprentices you will share these abilities (Meaning not two potions a night and two uses but still one and one) and have a factional night chat. You win with the Alchemist. Should you attempt to use a potion on a dead person, you will use it on the Bus Driver.

    Spoiler : Potion List :

    Volatile soul oil - Douses the target, they will be ignited after the next kill/lynch.

    Shocking concoction - Kills the target (Must sit for an extra night after brewing, meaning you can not choose to brew for the following night.)

    THE BIG ONE - Attacks everyone at the target killing them, ignoring bodyguard+night immunity from jailed targets+witch's potion protection. Kills everyone who visits the target and the target ignores bodyguards (BG dies if they visit) and any potions. (Takes both brewing slots, must sit for an extra night after brewing. meaning you choose this one potion to brew for the following night and you cannot choose to brew it again til the following night after you use it.)

    Vanishing elixir - Target can't be lynched during the day, if they are voted up they instead disappear for the rest of the day being unable to talk. "leave" (die) the game at the end of the following day, unless it is a win or lose situation. In that case the player will still be considered alive. Player can still be killed during the extra night and potions can be casted upon. Player is allowed to leave a last will.

    Concussion shot - Removes all uses of their night action and roleblocks. (Mafioso will still be able to reload, Survivor loses all vests but can make more. this is a target based potion, meaning it is used on one person)

    Idiot syrup - The target must blatantly lie about the night prior, and may never mention being affected by this. The lie must be reasonable, and the target must incorporate it into their day.

    Fireworks bomb - Roleblocks everyone. (Takes both brewing slots, meaning it is the only action you can perform that night)

    Spoiler : Subject Possibilities (All roles win together unless stated) :

    Witch - Their fowl magic has to be stopped; Can check one person each night for signs of magic. It will tell you they have if they are the alchemist, or are affected by one of their potions. You are immune to the affects of all potions unless they specifically say otherwise. you are not informed if someone attempts douse a potion on you.

    Judge - You have the information but can't trust anyone!; Holds the information of what roles are alive, but is never allowed to share the information. (W.I.P)

    Survivor - Your time to be a savior, not just a survivor, is now; You start with two vests, during the day you can give someone else a vest and they will use it during the night. During the night, if you did not give someone a vest, you can either use a vest, and if you don't do that either you make a new vest.

    Jester - You no longer can get the last laugh with the new menace; During the day you can reveal you are the Jester. Once revealed you may immediately lynch two people, but you will immediately die of laughter. (W.I.P) Before the half day mark, you may submit to host that you would like to reveal as Jester. The person with the most votes at the time you submit your reveal will be lynched at the end of the day along with one person of your choosing (no information will be revealed upon death of your chosen target, this includes their alignment.) and you will drop dead. Should the person of your choosing be the person with the most votes when you submit your reveal, only that person will die along with yourself. You do not have the option to choose your alignment, but you can win by yourself should you be a big meany. You may not reveal to anyone that you are Jester and you may not reveal that you have submitted to reveal! Your actions are not to be revealed by host until end of day/next lynch and completely override the days lynch. fuck that!, too complicated... If you're lynched, a random voter dies. You are a member of the town but win the whole game if you are the last lynch of the game. In this case a single standing fraction will not win. including the alchemist.

    Kidnapper - You may not be gentle... but you have the tools of protection; Can jail a person each night (limited to three times), this is a perfect roleblock and provides night immunity. You have one execution.

    Janitor - You've worked with enough fresh kills, identifying can't be too different; Can check a dead person each night to see their role and who they visited their last night. If you choose a dead person that has been swapped with a living player by a bus driver, you will not be informed that you received the information of a still living player

    Mafioso - Your shaking, no one to give orders to a young grunt, your reckless and low on ammo; You can shoot to kill someone at night, but you can only do this once every other night. You have 2 shots

    Bodyguard - No use killing each other at times like this, but you still are beefy to keep them away; You get to stop anyone from visiting a target each night. You will be alerted if you send anyone back home, they will also be alerted a bodyguard sent them home.

    Bus Driver - You must provide your services even in this crisis; Each night you may swap two people, changing everyone who targeted them onto the other target. You may not target yourself. Every second night you may switch someone with a dead person. Should the alchemist attempt to use his potion on the dead person, he will end up using it on you.

    Crier - Your here to report the news, but in this condition... your not feeling well; During the night you may write the headlines for the day, which will be posted by the host. You may not post anything that may reveal your identity, and if asked, you must deny any sort of involvement.

    Scavenger - This town drove many away, but it attracted you and your strange attraction to shiny things; Each night you may visit someone's house, if there was a potion used on them that night you instead stop the affect, and put it into your own supplies. You may use potions as if you were he Alchemist after they are in your supplies. Should you attempt to use a potion on a dead person, you will use it on the Bus Driver

    Shitzen - Nobody likes you, therefore you cannot perform any night actions. Nobody even really cares what you have to say, but the general population is still kind enough to accept your vote. (added by Mesk)

    Doppelgänger - You're not strange, your just like them. Literally; At the first night you must choose to become someone else's roll. If you choose the Alchemist, you instead become an Apprentice.

    Masons (must have 2) - We're the other conspiracy in this town; Has a shared faction night chat, know who each other are. You aren't necessarily towns ally and can win on your own. You must decide this on the first night with your partner, whether you are aiming for a solo victory or not. If you choose to conspire against the town, everyone will be notified in the first day's headline. You may not reveal during the day that you are a mason.

    Rebel - You haven't always been in line, these events haven't gotten to you; You must always vote, and always vote guilty. You don't win with town, but rather anyone else. You can't get over your problems with ______, should _____ have more than 1 vote on them, your immediate following post must be a vote on them and held for 10 of your posts. you may unvote after 10 posts however should you not be on the train if your target is lynched, you lose. should your target be night killed, you become a shitzen.

    Executioner - You are not the nicest person, being obsessed with the greatest death of lynching; You don't have any abilities. You must live to see two different people get lynched.

    Spoiler : Example role list :

    Alchemist - Required
    Apprentice - Required
    Executioner/Rebel - Additional evil
    Witch - Most important role
    Janitor/Judge - Important information
    Kidnapper/Crier - Conveys information
    Jester/Mafioso - Way to kill
    Bus Driver/Bodyguard/Survivor - Protection

    The roles I don't fit in here do have a space trust me, but this would be optimal to say. You could just not have a killer and include a Doppelgänger, and the like for changing the role list. You can count scavenger as protection, but since the role is more complicated I didn't auto-include. I have total discretion as to what roles are put into this game

    Order of Operations:
    1 - Survivor gives vest
    2 - Kidnapper jails

    1 - Doppelgänger obtains role
    2 - Bus driver swaps targets
    3 - Bodyguard/Scavenger protects
    4 - Potions happen
    5 - Kidnapper/Mafioso kills
    6 - Witch/Janitor investigates
    7 - Potions get made
    8 - Apprentice gets promoted (Gets list of potions, and the last will of the Alchemist)

    1. No out of game communication
    2. No gamethrowing
    3. No editing or deleting messages
    4. No pictures, videos, or links
    5. No personal attacks
    6. English only
    7. I HAVE TOTAL DISCRETION ON RULES AND ANY OTHER MODERATION ISSUES, WHAT I SAY GOES, and if it causes issues, I will take full responsibility in end game
    8. This is my colour, use it and I spank you.

    1. Hybrid
    2. Omegasaur
    3. TwentyTwo
    4. SuperJack
    5. Iced Monopoly
    6. Funce
    7. Stealthbomber
    8. The Best of the Best, BananaCucho
    9. Rachyl
    10. Suntax
    11. Whad + Sinon
    12. Gyrlander

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    Re: S-FM - The Alchemist of Nightmares

    My league seems to be running slow. Could use a bit of SFM action!

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    Ok now hold up
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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