The clan is full...?

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    The clan is full...?

    I tried to invite someone into the clan today and it said that we are full at 100 members. Is there a way to expand that cap? If we can't expand the cap, we might have to filter our members somehow. Perhaps we can check the report records and remove players with disciplinary history, or maybe we can remove players who haven't been active in a while.

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    Re: The clan is full...?

    Weren't we always supposed to selectively invite people into the clan? I only ever ask people whom I've personally seen playing regularly and reasonably properly for a long time (>1 year), like Fuuton, Ghost, etc. How else would you ensure that the players you invite are the type of player that we're looking for?

    There was this one time when a SYRIANDESK smurf actually got into our clan, then started wrecking havoc in games using our clan name -__-
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    Your friendly neighbourhood Asian.

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