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    Re: S-FM "O" Signups

    Just here to confirm that I will be here for the first day of the game, just will be largely inactive. I take an AP exam on the 12th and I'm happy to be done studying for that, will devote lots of time to this game after the exam.
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    you can almost hear the bullet where the mayor shortly kills himself/herself upon realization.

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    Re: S-FM "O" Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by Fury View Post
    Well, I'll be available still. Just afternoons only. During the weekends I'd have time though.

    If gyrlander wants to ***** or something so we can both play also, I'd love to. Two people replacing out would be optimal though.
    Oh, didn't read this >>

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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    Re: S-FM "O" Signups

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    Im able and willing ;)
    game is over mate. too late bruv.
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    Man, and I almost got away with it. If not for PTB.
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    Memorializing this as the post that launched a thousand memes, lol.
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    You are really entertaining to read, PTB ^^ I'm sad our "FM careers" missed each other :/
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    I think I just lost my mind.

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    Re: S-FM "O" Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Oh, didn't read this >>
    @Gyrlander , I want to ***** you so hard. Next FM, we're going to ***** for days. Idk why ***** is bleeped. Maybe if I space it out...

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    I'm FloodingRain on sc2, sorry for the confusion <3

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    Who the hell quotes themselves in their own signature?

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