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    Re: S-FM Lady Gaga Signups

    I can sign so it's nbd to me and it won't be confusing when switch back
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    Shut up cow.
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    Did you just fucking call him a cow?
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16
    No, he played as well as he could. He had you right in the palm of his fucking hand all game and you STILL don’t get that. He played you like a fucking fiddle, and it was so obvious and it pains me that nobody else saw it.

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    Re: S-FM Lady Gaga Signups

    Until they get their accounts back, are we supposed to vote for their actual account or the account they are using in game?

    EX If I want to vote Unknown/Mesk am I voting for Unknown or Mesk?

    Or vote Unknown until Mesk get's the account back and then go back to voting Mesk?

    Probably the only clarification we need before we start

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