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    Narrator Info Post

    The Narrator

    The Narrator is an online version of Mafia, similar to Town of Salem or Epicmafia. However, unlike other versions of Mafia, the Narrator is not only able to be played on your mobile device. This means real life Mafia games where everyone can play. The Narrator is also much more customizeable, but still remains true to the original balanced game of Mafia. Keep in mind The Narrator is still in alpha development, so you may encounter some kinks and bugs.

    Current customizations include
    • More roles than you know what to do with.
    • Ability to make new teams ex. a second mafia
    • Hidden or Random setups
    • Custom death descriptions

    Currently, we are looking for volunteers to help playtest the game! My playtests aren't happening yet, but are formally planned for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 7pm PST. All help is greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out on sc2mfia forums, or our Discord for other information.

    Join our discord to keep posted on development or to join any upcoming games!

    Feel free to send me a message on Skype, Discord, through this forum about pretty much anything. Especially if you're one of those people that log on and ask 'There's no one on public!'

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