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    Re: Tragedy Looper Tutorial Game Sign Ups!

    Due to all the issues with the April Fools game swapping names around and lack of interest/commitment since, I am cancelling both of the games that have been on hold all month. If anyone is still interested in playing, please re-sign up. I will be grouping players as they come (unless you come in as a ready premade group of 3). Unlike before, I will be enforcing a start date of 48 hours after a team is filled and each day will have a time limit of 48 hours. This is to ensure the game continues to move forward. I encourage players to communicate via Skype or Discord but this is not required. As long as you take your actions within the time limit.

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    Re: Tragedy Looper Tutorial Game Sign Ups!

    Quote Originally Posted by Trine View Post

    Mesk514 just started a game with Unknown1234 but little progress has been made thus far. I'd be happy to add you to that game if you'd like
    Oh um, I'm happy you added me to the game, but I am unable to do things for a day as I am super tired. Just re-started working again and my arms hurt like heck.
    I'll spend tonight reading up.

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