S-FM A Forum Mafia Spring Beginning

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    S-FM A Forum Mafia Spring Beginning

    S-FM A Forum Mafia Spring Beginning.

    (Beginners Game) : CLICK HERE FOR SETUP
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    Sign Ups!

    1. ccantman
    2. srceenplay
    3. Alijach
    4. Trine
    5. Rachyl
    6. Enoch
    7. Varnic
    8. Dimento
    9. Fury

    1. TwentyTwo
    2. Gyrlander

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    Re: S-FM A Forum Mafia Spring Beginning

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    you dare fucking tell me what to care about? Whether it is trivial or fucking not you don't control no body but your fucking self so if you don't got nothing nice to say don't comment on my shit cause its not 4 u
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    Re: S-FM A Forum Mafia Spring Beginning

    Hello there ^_^ I Will be the host for your first (Or, One of First) Forum Mafia games =)
    First of all, make sure you have all checked the Setup: http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...afia-Beginning

    If I highlight anything in green, please reply to them^^ And make sure you Reply to this Message so I know you've read it.

    Some things to note

    Games are much Longer (48 hr days, so that everyone gets a chance to post around the world)
    Games are more dependent on discussion rather than night actions
    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

    Start Date

    Now then ^^ Since it filled up earlier than expected.
    This Forum Mafia Game will start on 25th February 1:00am UTC (Click Link for Countdown)

    If you are unable to play from this date, PM Me.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    One of the things we offer new players is a personal Mentor, Someone who has played Forum Mafia before, are friendly and will help guide you during your first time. Basically, its a friend you can ask questions to, or for tips in case you are unsure of what to do.

    If you wish to have a Mentor, Please tell me and I will find one for you ^^

    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    If you have skype, send me a message, I find it easier to contact: superjackkk
    Or tell me your Skype Username & I'll Add you:

    Also, I'm on the Sc2Mafia Discord.

    If you have any questions, Please ask ^^

    @ccantman @srceenplay @Alijach @Trine @Rachyl @darkwater @Varnic @Dimento @Fury
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