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    How to join the Sc2Maf Clan

    Thanks for your interest in the Sc2Maf clan. We are the official clan of SC2Mafia. If you are looking to be part of a legit group of Mafia players, contact one of our clan leaders listed below for an invite. We are planning some in-house games and tournaments in the near future. You don't want to miss out!

    Clan Leaders:


    You can usually find us hanging in the -Mafia- channel on SC2 or in game.
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    Re: How to join the Sc2Maf Clan

    I was part of it 3 years ago I think (this was just after Crleon fell apart due to Necro's trolling). Just rejoined today. MafiaP is no more.
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    Mafia will be very interesting for the duration of this sentence, and lots of individuals' tummys will hurt from laughing so hard. I've had to fall out of my chair and lie on the ground before, as it was just too painful to laugh LOL.

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    Re: How to join the Sc2Maf Clan

    We have reached max capacity with 100 members. If you would like to join, please let us know and we can add you to our waiting list.

    Members, we will be looking at activity level and report history to make space for new active players. Play a clean game and don't stay away too long to maintain your membership in the SC2Maf clan. PM me about any special circumstances. Thanks.
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    Re: How to join the Sc2Maf Clan

    I'd love to join Sc2Maf if there's still room, I've been playing Mafia since mid 2015. I'm friends with quite a few members and I've been in games with pretty much all of the mods.

    I've also got a lot of games under my belt with a completely clean member. I think I have you added on SC already, probably from playing in the same game before, but it would be great if you could hit me up with that invite and in-game name is KiMjongSkiLL #1125

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