Coming soon: The Circle 2.0

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    Coming soon: The Circle 2.0

    Will be similar to the original, with a few notable changes

    What you know:

    At the end of every day (24 hours) someone will die. This person will be decided by a secret vote sent by pm. Whoever has the most votes will die.

    Each day, every player may attempt ONE action. These actions can be anything, but must be in a red tag. For example:



    -break mirror

    Each action will have a consequence. It is unknown what that may be.

    Actions can be submitted via the game thread OR by pm. The consequence will be public and may or may not reveal who commited the action.

    For example (sleep via pm)

    Firebringer fell asleep. He cannot vote the rest of the day.

    Or (break mirror via pm)

    While people were talking, Deathworlds pushed over the mirror, shattering glass all over the floor, bestowing upon himself seven days of bad luck.

    Each player will receive a bio and it is up to them if they what to share it or not.

    Each day will include some story pieces.

    What you don't know:

    Obviously I can't reveal that.


    Since this requires planning (I have a lot of ideas I just have to write them down and refine them) this won't start until about February or so.
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