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    Re: S-FM Empire Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Quick don't lower yourself to his level. He's just a sad individual who has to pick fights with other people on the internet. Then when he gets slam dunked with shit back, he runs, make's posts crying about howwww the host wont protect him from "unsigns" and just literally seeks attention. Ptb get's nothing IRL, and it's literally a waste of your energy to respond, or to even argue with it. It's just a sad sad sad thing to watch someone be so rude and pokey, and then literally cry about how "mad/upset" they are when someone they fucked with is a lot more vicious. Basically, PTB isn't worth your response, and isn't worth anyone's time. He pretends to be a girl on the internet because something in his life is broken, and we're just the people/thing he's trying to fill that void with.

    I suggest PTB seriously go seek therapy or some time away from the internet. I for one have no desire into giving it what it wants. This isn't me trying to stir the pot, or throw shade. I really feel sad for bc because he seeks out negative attention wherever he goes, and it's just tough to see someone hurting so much try to hurt other people by being dickish and condescending.
    Wow, what did I just walk into?

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    Re: S-FM Empire Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by DarknessB View Post
    Wow, what did I just walk into?
    I wrote that about banana when he was picking on FA. Unknown pm'd me and told me to not continue the fight with him. And told me to PM FA privately. So I deleted it. Banana saw it before I did, I guess. Banana is using it now because he's just a sad pathetic drama queen that needs everyone to feel sorry for him.

    Idc though. I'd rather not play with Banana and if quick wants to go too, that's fine.

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    Re: S-FM Empire Signups

    Quote Originally Posted by PowersThatBe View Post
    I mean honestly

    if @Quick and @Frozen Angel are not going to play because of me, I will out.

    I don't care about banana. But if other people have a problem with me, then I'll bow out, I don't need to cause people undue stress. And I don't wanna ruin gyrlanders save.
    Has nothing to do with you. I enjoy playing with you.
    Do not follow me lest you become a fool.

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