"Why am I pointbanned?"

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    "Why am I pointbanned?"

    In most cases, the answer to this question should be obvious, since we generally only hand these out for tampered banks.

    However, we recently had a spate of hackers giving away thousands of points, and all attempts and warnings at the players who received these illicit points have failed, with a few exceptions.

    As its not fair to those who have sorted out their banks that others keep their points, I'm forced to pointban those who received such points and have not filed for a point restore yet.

    If you are one of the following IDs, you will receive a pointban on the next update, which is likely to happen tonight:


    If you come by the forums and file for a point restore, we'll remove it and restore your bank to what it was before it was compromised, but in the meantime, this is really my only option.

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    Re: "Why am I pointbanned?"

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterNinja View Post
    you're currently point banned?
    Do you not understand the meaning of the word "reversed"

    Google it if you're not sure
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    Re: "Why am I pointbanned?"

    Quote Originally Posted by johnblaz3d View Post
    I had posted about the hacker giving me points and some admin (I can't remember which one) fixed it for me in-game a couple weeks after it happened. What do I need to do now?
    This is correct, your bank was corrected by Fred here. Therefore if @Arrow can lift your point ban, we ask that you file for another point restore and we can have this all fixed for you.
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