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    Re: Email notification on quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Apocist View Post
    Apo no longer seems to get emails when he is quoted. How does one turn this feature back on?
    Can the mention system be used as a solution? @Apocist

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    Re: Email notification on quotes

    Well, its not a 'solution' as Apo still won't be informed of any quotes.

    Also mentions don't seem to email anymore as well. @RLVG

    It always used to work, but now it's like it has been turned off or something.

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    Re: Email notification on quotes

    Ya I'm p sure most people don't like getting emails whenever they're quoted. Just check the site notifications. It's either on or off I think.
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    Re: Email notification on quotes

    A lot of people did not want the email from the quote system, so I had disabled it. It sadly can't be turned on/off on an individual basis.

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