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    Re: Mafia 2.0

    The graphics and user interface of Town of Salem does deserve an overhaul but that doesn't remove from the fact that the community is generally more competent than the sc2 version of it.

    Also mafia 2.0 is likely dead seeing as how we haven't heard a thing on its development 18 months.
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    Is it really alright to just call them "dark" templar
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    please stop shitposting
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: Mafia 2.0

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    When you say 3d, you don't mean something that you can walk around in right?
    Of course not. I'm talking about the way the game is right now. Middle-sized detailed map with spread out buildings and props and nice night lighting making you feel your presence in an actual town, with all the camera night trips. And also about giving more life to animations, including lynch animations. I love the style of SC2Mafia, and it would be perfect to implement it into standalone project.
    Was also thinking about adding night kill animations if someone does you. For example, the camera blacks out at the end of the night, you hear someone's footsteps and then out of darkness a hand with a tommy gun appears in your face and feeds you with bullets, red screen, "You have been killed by Mafia" message.

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    Anyway, I've been working on something for the past few years. It definitely isn't as flashy as you seem to hope, but the back-end customization is all there. It's a web browser version of mafia that's way closer to the original sc2mafia game than ToS is, without their corny animations/characters.
    The Narrator, right? I'm trying to keep up and I'll be in a day or two, now, is your version made completely of UI for easier interaction? It sounds promising!
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