Feel free to REPHRASE these rules and use them to post your own puzzles!!!


Okay, so these things are little riddles called "lateral thinking puzzles"!! They suggest situations that sound really weird, but make so much more sense once you explain them. Yes, YOU!!!! Your job in this fun little thread is to solve the riddle... and you have as many guesses as you like!!!

If you were just guessing, though, we'd probably be here all day. So, you can also ask an unlimited number of yes or no questions! I will answer everypony's questions with "yes", "no", or "irrelevant", irrelevant as in you're asking something that just has nothing to do with the answer, silly!

If nopony gets the answer for a while, I'll give you all a hint! I usually have at least a couple of juicy hints for every riddle, so feel free to ask for one if you're collectively stumped!

Be careful, though! These questions can be really tricky, and you often have to take a step to the side in your assumptions to set your hooves back on the right path. You gotta think laterally!

[b]- Your NOGGIN!
- Google!!
- The Lateral Puzzles forum!!!
- BOOKS!!!! (I have an advantage, here; Twilight's library is full of these! But I'm sure everypony can find such books in their own library, or just torrent them!!)

I strongly recommend that you rephrase and reword puzzles so ponies can't just look the answers up on the Canternet!