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    Fix: greyed out text on day 1, flashing text box on day 1

    I'm wondering if some of the strange quirks of the text box on Day 1 can be repaired.

    1.The text box always flashes once on day one, and then reappears totally blank seconds later, removing the first few words of the game from view.

    2. For the first few seconds after the text box reappears, chat on the text box is registered normally. After about 5 seconds, however, it is greyed out for some strange reason, making it more likely that it will simply be ignored in favor of the more eye-grabbing and colorful posts below it. Certain messages, such as a mayor reveal, rely on bright colors to grab the player's attention. Edit: This is mostly a problem for players like me who mostly play mafia without sound.

    I understand that nobody really ever says anything of much consequence on Day 1 anyway. I also realize that both problems can be remedied by simply checking the log to see what has been missed. However, inattentive or lazy players who didn't realize something important was even posted will never know what was said unless another player is kind enough to tell them to check the log.

    I don't know whether these features are just quirks of the programming or there by design, but if they can be fixed, it would make the first day of every game go by a bit more seamlessly.
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