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    Re: Role Compendium & Suggestion Thread

    Role Name: Poisoner.
    Alignment Killing Neutral.
    Game Size(s): 13 or more players.
    Abilities: Pick either 1x bulletproof or Cop immunity before the game starts. Poisons a player at night. The poisoned player dies at a random (pre-selected by the mod but unknown to the players) point during the next day. Poison bypasses bodyguards, vests and any other anti fireweapons role or item.
    Win Condition: Be the last person alive.
    Intended Purpose: Third party SK with a twist.
    Meta-Game Implications: Having the targets die during the day allows them to share any information they might have, or even get a lynch done before they die.
    Possible Cons: In a small game (13 players), the setup must be built and balanced around this role, and an early death will turn the tables on the Town's favour.
    Additional Notes: None.

    Role Name: Lover.
    Alignment: Any.
    Game Size(s): Any.
    Abilities: If a Lover dies, their partner die as well.
    Win Condition: That of their alignment.
    Intended Purpose: Taking interaction analysis to the next level.
    Meta-Game Implications: A kill or lynch will always result in two deaths. Some will sacrifice themselves in order to kill their Lover if they think they're scum.
    Possible Cons: The actions of a player might negatively affect their Lover.
    Additional Notes: Can be used as a role or role modifier.

    Role Name: Gladiator.
    Alignment: Any.
    Game Size(s): Any.
    Abilities: Can challenge a player during the day. After a challenge is issued, the rest of the Town can only vote of of those two players.
    Win Condition: That of their alignment.
    Intended Purpose: When your vote is not enough.
    Meta-Game Implications: People might duel when someone thinks they can win a 1v1 against somebody else or to prevent someone else from being lynched.
    Possible Cons: Impulsive players.
    Additional Notes: Poriomania used a variant which didn't end the day after a duel was over, but allowed a normal lynch after that.

    Role Name: Alarmist.
    Alignment: Town.
    Game Size(s): Medium to big (Cult game).
    Abilities: Target will gain protection against cult conversion for the night. If successfully protected, an anonymous note will announce the name of the target on the next day.
    Win Condition: Town's win con.
    Intended Purpose: A doctor for Cult setups.
    Meta-Game Implications: Protected targets will be confirmed as non-Cultists for a day.
    Possible Cons: Same as those of a Doctor; in small games, don't mix with more protective roles, nor with more than a single Cop, and if so, make sure the scum factions have enough to counter them.
    Additional Notes: None.

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    Re: Role Compendium & Suggestion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirize View Post
    Poisoner: Too random. All NK roles need FULL night immunity to function as a role unless the setup is small.
    Lover: Suggested before, not a fan TBH.
    Gladiator: Suggested before, love it.
    Alarmist: Too situational, Doctor can heal cult by default so there's that.
    You are thinking of the SC2 mod which is role madness. These roles are for forum mafia.

    Besides the Poisoner, all of those roles are known and tested roles in Mafia communities. Excluding the Alarmist -which I'll use in my next game-, all of those roles have already been used on this very site.

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