Mafia Discussion Specific Rules - Quick Read -

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    Mafia Discussion Specific Rules - Quick Read -

    All Global Forum Rules (listed here) apply to Mafia Discussion.

    In addition to the Global Rules:

    • Mafia discussion is for discussion of the Starcraft II Arcade map -Mafia- only. Threads will be moved if they are not related to -Mafia- and a light warning will be issued.
      Possible Infractions: None.
    • As Mafia Discussion posts are counted in your post counts, multiple posts in a row will be deleted and edited into the first and a warning will be issued. If you continue to repeat this behavior, infractions will be handed out.
      Frequently posting short, pointless comments will also earn you a warning or infraction, depending on your history.
      Possible Infractions: Post Farming - 1 point
    • Suggesting changes to the citizen role will result in thread closure (Refer to this thread).
      Possible Infractions: None.
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    Spoiler : :
    FM XIV - Rapture : Denizen
    FM XV - Star Wars : Citizen
    FM XIV - FuzzyWuzzyTown : Doctor



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