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Thread: Role Classes

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    Role Classes

    So I've played a lot of game and the same thing frustrates me every time. Rookie players who don't know which Class each role is under, for example, while the Doctor class is obviously a Town Protective, a lot of the newer players don't know that it is ALSO Town Core. Therefore there should be perhaps a Role Class tab where someone can overlook where each role fits under the Role List table.

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    Re: Role Classes

    Deja-vu -1 for creativity, +1 for viability.
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    Re: Role Classes


    however it shouldn't go to the waste of the UI, I do think it would be a good possible addition.
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    Re: Role Classes

    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkLiveLife View Post
    I support this. If there is a way I could push for it to be implemented that I am unaware of let me know.
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    Re: Role Classes

    At the very least .. what about if not putting it in game UI somewhere, or on role cards .. possibly grouping the icons and/or changing icon colors to differing shades of green/red? Making a "town power" bracket one shade of green across the top, "town core" another, etc. etc. I know some groups overlap, so possibly not viable ..

    Alternatively, as a minimum option .. including this information in the help file ingame?



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