{Information} Information regarding POINT-RESTORATIONS. Please read before posting a request.

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    Information regarding POINT-RESTORATIONS. Please read before posting a request.


    If you have lost your points and want a point restoration, please post a thread in this forum according to the following template:

    Account Name: Account ID
    Main Body:
    Account Name:
    Account ID: #-S2-1-########
    Your Realm:
    Approximate Points:
    Detailed explanation of the template:
    • Your account name is your Battle.net character name.
    • For your account ID, you need to put in the ID that is displayed at the start of each game of mafia(in the form of #-S2-#-#######)
    • Your Realm is the server that your character resides on, the only servers that have Mafia published are North America(NA), Europe(EU), South East Asia(SEA) and Korea & Taiwan(KRTW)
    • Approximate points refers to the amount of points you had before your bank got corrupted/reset/deleted/spontaneously combusted.

    {Important} Please include a replay that shows you have those points.

    If you cannot produce a replay, we will atempt to use our database to find a value to restore your points to.(In this case we need your Account ID)
    Note that this is a last resort, if we do not have you in our database and you cannot produce a replay, there is nothing that can be done.

    {After your point-restoration is approved}
    After your points are confirmed, please contact an admin to arrange for your points to be restored. This can be done either in-game or through the forum.
    Point restorations will be done by Admins in-game.
    - Contact Details Below -

    A list of admins is here:

    Alternatively, join our Discord chat, an "Point Restore" should be able to do the restore.

    Just throw an @Point Restore message (i.e. type @Point Restore in the chat box before writing your message) in the "sc2mafia_general" channel and if someone's available, they'll respond.

    Alternatively, click on online members in the list to the right and look for someone with the "Point Restore" role and send them a message directly.

    Example profile:

    Click connect in the widget below to join the Discord channel.

    Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Approved status will last for a month. If you fail to meet up with an Admin to do the restore for a month after approval, your request will be shelved.
    • Minimum number points to qualify for a restoration is 1000
    • If you still have your older installation of StarCraft II with your bank files intact or for some reason and still have access to your old bank files, please follow this guide to transfer your points to a new computer instead of asking for a point-restore in this thread.
      Click Here to visit the guide
      It is faster and makes your stats exactly the same as before.
    • Please read the guide on backing up bank files(see above) after you get a point-restore to prevent the loss of your points in the future.
    Images attachées Images attachées
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