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    New User Guide

    Disclaimer: This Guide is subject to improvement by the numerous Smods (Super Moderators. those pesky Blue guys that keep the peace.) located on the site.

    Easier navigation: Use Ctrl F to open a search box, usually located at the top right and use the Search Keys below, found within the " ( ) " to obtain easier navigation to the section you want to view.

    Table of Contents:
    Section One: The Home Page Forums (S+1)
    Sections Two: The User-Groups (S+2)
    Section Three: The Emblem (S+3)
    Section Four: The UI (S+4)
    Section Five: PMs (S+5)
    Section Six: The Setting (S+6)
    Section Seven: The Vote-Tags (S+7)
    Sections Eight: The LaTeX-Tags (S+8 )
    Section Nine: The BB-Code Tags (S+9)

    Please use the controls ctrl+f to open up a text box that will shortcut you to your sought after section of the guide. (Type into the box and it takes you to the first found section containing your typed in word or phrase.)

    Note: Listed moderators may not be up to date, check on the home page for up-to-date moderators.

    S1: The Homepage and You
    Where else can you catch up on Sc2 Mafia and the World, somewhat.
    1. No Post Farming
    2. No Nudity (This is a boardwide rule)
    3. Stay on Topic

    General Discussion:[*]Serious/Real Life Discussion
    A place of serious conversation. The rules are a mesh of Circlejerk and the Forum Board.
    1. Keep It Serious
    2. Keep Your Cool
    3. Keep It Neat
    4. Don't reply to horrible threads just to make fun of how horrible they are
    5. Use descriptive thread titles and post in the right subforum
    6. Conversation: Stay on topic and No one liners
    7. Use Your Common Sense
    8. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation
    9. Length: No One or Two liners
    [*]Puzzles and Other Games.
    Use your wit to solve these dastardly, puzzling, contraptions of logic.
    1. Stay on Topic
    2. Do not Post Farm
    3. No Nudity
    4. No Autoplay
    [*]Other Games Discussion
    A section of Sc2Mafia dedicated to other games? Yes we have that to. All hail the overlord Oops!
    Spoiler : MC Server information :

    1) You need a forum account, if you don't have one make one.
    2) Download the technic launcher
    3) Run the technic launcher and select Tekkit in the top left corner's dropdown box
    4) Connect to the server (IP above)
    5) When you first enter the server, type /link (ForumUserName) (ForumPassword)
    Replace with your username and password
    6a) Type /sync (ForumUserName) (ForumPassword)
    6b) Try to say something, if it says your password is incorrect simply type your entire password into the chat box and you will log in (make sure to check if it is trying to get your password first)
    7) Play!

    A note for non-legit MC users: I am not here to babysit you through the process of finding a cracked launcher, google is your friend.

    Server Rules:
    1) Thou shalt not use nukes (this will result in a tempban or severe griefing by the admins/modstaff)
    2) Griefing is not allowed unless prior permission is given by staff
    3) Do not ask for creative (I will smite you)
    4) Severely inappropriate behavior will be dealt with as needed by staff
    5) This should be obvious, but hacking is explicitly prohibited.

    MC Forum Rules:
    1) Keep the offensive language to a minimum
    2) Stay on topic of Minecraft
    3) General board rules also apply

    Site Discussion:
    • Do you have an idea that could improve the site? Are you questioning the use of Rep and Rep Points? Well here is your chance to be heard. Just post in Site Discussion if it pertains to these forums. These rules are subject to improvement by the numerous Smods on the site.
      1. Stay Serious
      2. Stay on Topic
      3. Don't Post Farm
      4. No Nudity

    • Mafia Wiki Discussion:
      Yeah we have a wiki for this. Here you can provide suggestions to improve this offsite or even post an improvement on already provided information.
    • Suggestions
      Here you provide all your thoughts upon which to improve the site

    Answer Hall:
    Talk to the leaders of Sc2Mafia here in private. (Leaders are Red users and Blue users.) Here is the place to voice Mod concerns and other grievousness regarding other members. Got a problem with a moderator? Post about it here to get the maximum amount of seriousness out of the Board Leaders.

    Research and Development:
    The place where you give out suggestions on improvements to the Sc2 mod "Mafia." You can suggest roles, mechanics, setups, new lynch deaths, etc. This place has it all, but please. Keep it Clean.
    Open to Donors and VIP only!
    1. Stay on Topic
    2. Don't Re-post Ideas made within a Month of each other
    3. Do not Post Farm (Or face the Wrath of Elixir)
    4. Keep it Serious

    Mafia Discussion:
    The place to discuss the glory of Mafia. Everything and anything about Mafia goes in here, including Replays, Setups, Non-VIP/Donor suggestions, and talks of what role is best.
    1. Stay on Topic
    2. Don't Re-post Ideas made within a Month of each other
    3. Do not Post Farm
    4. Keep it Serious

    Mafia Bug Reports:
    Did your game glitch and show all the roles in the game? Or did Coroner roll without any possibility of being in the game? Any bug you find in the game please post it here, but don't forget the replay!
    1. Stay on Topic
    2. Do not Post Farm
    3. Keep it Serious

    Mafia Player Reports / Rapport de joueur du jeu Mafia: Moderators - aamirus, Unknown1234, Mugy, Helz, Arrow, rumox, Nighthawk, AIVION, Gyrlander, Light_Yagami

    And here is the reason why those Keepers exist. The Reports Section contains all violators of the game, The hackers, the Gamethrowers, those pesky Griefers and not to mention the damn skypers!
    And here is the setup that you must follow to make a credible report
    Spoiler : Crimes and Punishments :
    "Crime" Trolling: Trolling is acting like an idiot for the pursuit of hilarity, or Otherwise screwing with people in a Manner That Does not ruin the game . Severity: None Yep, that's right, nothing will happen to regular trolls.

    "Crime" Role-Quitting This one is obvious. This is for people who ruin All Those games and setups by just leaving Effective seeing Their role card. Example: "DOCTOR? Fuck this, I'm out." Severity: Low Role ragequitters are bad people. The game sometimes punishes Automatically em, too. But do not bother reporting 'em.

    "Crime" Griefing griefing is similar to trolling, goal results in the game Actually Being ruined. This is trolling taken too far. Severity: Medium

    "Crime" Cheating: Cheating is using methods unintended by the game (Such as abusing Skype screen lag, or forcing players to read Their role cards) to gain unfair advantage over other year players. Severity: High

    "Crime" Game- Throwing This is intentionally playing to lose. An example of this is a Mafioso giving out the names of his fellow Mafia to the town falling on his trial. Severity: High Crime: Abuse Abuse is abusing donor or (more seriously) moderator abilities. This includes kicking people at random, cheating with the mod message system, etc.. Severity: Very High

    "Crime" Hacking: Hacking is obvious: getting donor codes or moderator abilities, Modifying bank files, mining players' roles, etc.. are all examples of this. Severity: Very High

    Every punishment is up to my sole discretion (Dark.Revenant). Moderator input, trustworthy members, and WELL-Reasoned, WELL-WRITTEN REPORTS are more Likely to result in punishment.

    Punishment General guidelines:
    Ignored A discredited report

    On-Hold (3 months) One or multiple unconfirmed reports

    Watch List (4 weeks) Low or Medium Severity: Multiple reports High Severity: A report Confirmed Very High Severity: A credible report

    -Vote Kick List (2 + weeks) Medium Severity: Confirmed A criminal history report and a High Severity: Multiple Confirmed reports criminal history or a Very High Severity: By Administrator decision

    Ban List (4 + weeks) High Severity: Multiple Confirmed reports and a criminal history Very High Severity: By Administrator decision Point Ban (Permanent) High Severity: Any Confirmed reports of hacking bank file. This disables all dot gain, point resets to 0, disables all points and privileges. Dropping from Ban List KickVote to List or List from KickVote to Watch List will result in a sentence equal to double the Time Spent in the previous punishment level (ie someone Sentenced to 2 weeks in the KickVote List will then have 4 weeks in the Watch List Effective the first term is up.)

    Forum Mafia Section:

    Forum Mafia: Moderators - FM Game Master Marshmall Marshall, Slaol, DamusGraves
    The current "Big" FM going on in the site. Here lies the WIFOM (Wine In Front Of Me) of numerous players as well as the Scum Hunters that seek out to catch up scum (Evil Roles/Players) in their misguiding’s. Good Luck to you masochists who play this!

    Mini-Forum Mafia: Moderators - FM Game Master Marshmall Marshall, Slaol, DamusGraves
    Play, sign up, and host mini-FMs here!
    This is the place to try out a smaller FM to prepare your strategies for the Big FM! These games are generally limited to 20 max (M-FM {Medium Forum Mafia}) or less and 13 max (S-FM{Small Forum Mafia}) or less. Try one out!
    1. Ongoing Games
      Currently going on M-FMs/S-FMs. Read up to get a read on your opponents for future games.
    2. Signups
      Put down your place in one of the many, many, S-FMs/M-FMs collecting players to start the fun!
    3. Setup Approvals
      A house for the beginnings of a S-FM/M-FM. Put down your wish to host a game here with your very own setup!
    4. Preapproved Forum Mafia
      Didn't get into the last game? Hone your skills in these pre-approved setups!
    [*]M-FM Parking
    This place is a storage place for any talks about M-FMs/S-FMs roles, mechanics, and setups.
    Archived Games
    The games that have reached conclusion. Stock up on your knowledge of players trickery and entrapments to come out on top.

    Forum Mafia Parking: Moderators - FM Game Master Marshmall Marshall, Slaol, DamusGraves
    This place is a storage place for any talks about FM roles, mechanics, and setups.

    The forgotten forums that once held a place on the site themselves.

    S2: User Groups:
    • Black w/ line - Banned members. These users are shamed for breaking the rules.
      Grey w/ italics The newly registered that must confirm their account through their email.
      Grey w/ Bold + Italics These users were once banned and have served their time. They are restricted to Circlejerk
    • White - Regular User
    • White w/ Bold - VIP (access to R&D)
    • Yellow, Gold w/ Bold, Gold w/ Bold+Underline, Gold w/ Bold Underline and Glow- Donators to the site and Sc2 mod "Mafia." These guys pay outta pocket to support the work Dark.Revenant put into the game.
    • Violet - Mafia Cup Winners. They got 1st place in the most recent Mafia Tournament.
    • Teal, Teal w/ Bold+Glow -Forum Mafia MVP. They won MVP in the biggest Forum Mafia games on the site. These guys are the best in the business.
    • class=respected]Turquiose[/class] - These guys used to be staff members who left our halls on good terms. Their still allowed sight of the inner workings of staff behind the scenes.
    • Green - Moderators. (These guys handle the reports that steam through from the mod.)
    • Blue, Blue w/ Shine, Blue w/ Fog - Global Moderators. "Super Moderators." (Smods) (They have a lot of respectability throughout the Forums. The most trusted of all Mods.) Be warned though. The "Warden" (Arrow) sees all.
    • Red - Administrators. They keep the site running and provide coding for the Sc2 mod "Mafia." (Oops_Ur_Dead runs the site, Dark.Revenant codes "Mafia", and Brenden manages the staff.)
    • Purple – Forum Mafia Game Master

    S3: Emblems:
    Post Count Ranks:
    10 posts:
    25 posts:
    50 posts:
    75 posts:
    100 posts:
    250 posts:
    500 posts:
    750 posts:
    1000 posts:
    1500 posts:
    2000 posts:
    3000 posts:

    Staff Ranks:
    Super Moderator:

    Donor Ranks:

    Other Ranks:
    Forum Mafia MVP:
    FM Game Master:
    Mafia Cup Winner:
    Philosopher (unique to Plato):
    Super Fourm Mafia MVP:
    Slaol Community Badge:

    S4: Interface:

    Located on the home page (On the left side of each forum) lies an image of a hat, or in some cases a locked icon if you don't have access to that particular forum. The Hat shall be lit up and mostly red when there are new posts to be found in that forum, the locked box icon would be blue instead of grey.

    Under each of the Forum names lies a "bubble" with a sub-forum next to it. When there are new posts in the sub-forum the "bubble" lights up teal.

    On the top right of each forum board (EX: Meeting Hall - This is the general category for the forum [ - ] ) is a box with a "-" inside it. Clicking this closes that Forum board from view into a small bar with the name of forum board to tell you what the bar contains.

    On the box to the right of the homepage contains boxes that list all most recent posts, threads started, and group discussions. (All of which can be closed by this: [ - ]
    There is a flashing text bar that lists all current Signs ups located in Mini-Forum Mafia. If you click the name of the FM in the bar it takes you to the page to sign up for that game.
    When you go to your post there is a couple of options for customization of that post located around the bottom of the message itself.
    There is a "*" like symbol on the left, underneath your Avatar, post count, rep points, infractions/warnings, date joined. This button, which can only be found on other users posts, can be used to add/subtract rep points to/from that user. (This is primarily used for credibility/popularity/Rep Power gain.)
    Next to that symbol is a triangle with an "!" centered inside. This allows you to report a post if you believe it breaks on of the forum board rules.
    On the right side of your/others posts there are 3 or 4 small texts that allow "Editing your post" (Which opens a text box containing your message), "Reply" (Which brings up an empty text box), "Reply with Quote" (Text box with a quote of the post you are replying to.), and a quotation symbol with an "-> " <-" centered in it. (Which allows you to flag that post for quotation along with any other posts marked by the same symbol.)
    Top right to a post is a post number (EX: #3) which links you to that post. It lets others know that they can use this number as a "Mini-Quote" for what they are referencing.
    Opposite the post number is a time stamp that details roughly what time a post was made.
    At the bottom of a thread page is a text box accented with post customizations and a big button titled "Reply to Thread" (Unless the thread is closed. In which case the button will be titled "Closed Thread")
    Below the text box (along the border of it) is a "[ x ] Show your signature" and three boxes titled "Post Reply" "Go Advanced" "Cancel" which do as titled.
    Underneath that is links to "Previous Thread" | "Next Thread" which take you to the previous or next thread.
    At the bottom of the page, of a thread, is the Thread information and, if you created the thread, a list of members who have read it as well as their number.
    Below that, Thread Tags and posting Permissions.
    At the bottom of every page on the site is Text links that take you to different, usually supporting pages, to the site.
    • Contact us: Which takes you a report like page that allows you to send an email "Message" to the Site Admin.
    • Sc2 Mafia Index: Takes you to the homepage.
    • Archives: Takes you to a bare, undetailed, version of the home page.
    • Top: Takes you to the top of the page.

    Across from these links is a drop text where you can alter the way you browse the site. (EX: DarkCore - Blue, DarkCore - Test, Etc.) and another drop box to edit the language of the site.

    And located at the very very bottom of the site is a collaboration of general information such as: Time Zone, Time, Site Provider, Etc.

    The Navbar (Found at the top of the page):
    This do-all-doodad allows someone to travel to and from different sections of the site without having to go through numerous pages and shift through the waysides.
    • Forums: This button takes you to the homepage of the site.
    • Statistics: Here you can find the Biggest Post Farmers, the Rep Whores, and the most recent posts. (This page can be changed to show different stats through the tool drop-box located just above "Top Five Stats.")
    • Groups: A page containing all the user-made groups, some of which may be moderated or not by the creator, and allows you to join a group of your choice simply by clicking a button.
    • Members: A comprehensive list of every single user that has ever signed up for this site. (A-Z as well. Easy Browsing.)
    • Mafia Wiki: This button takes you straight to the informative Wiki, updated and organized by the ever elusive Eagleman and his nefarious minions.
    • Donate: If you ever felt the drive to give back to the community this button will be your very best friend. It takes you to the donate page, which contains all information about donations to the game and how to get recognition for your selflessness. (There is the word Donate in yellow at the bottom, click this to go straight to the final processes of donating.)

    --Just beneath the Navbar (And yet still a part of it)--
    • New Posts: This link sends you to a list of all the posts made by most recently posted. The number to the left is posts made while the number to the right is threads posted in. (EX: 6/2 <-- Six posts in two threads)
    • Private Messages: Send you right to your inbox, ready to send a message or look through your mail.
    • FAQ: A short and sweet guide/search box to some of the more challenging aspects of the site.
    • Calender: Currently disabled but keeps all up and coming events inside.
    • Community:
      1. Groups: Takes you to the Group page where you can manage your groups or check up on groups your in.
      2. Albums: A place where you can store your pictures and images for future perusal
      3. Friends and Contacts: A list of all the people you have accepted/been accepted as friends. (Completely editable)
      4. Members List: A list of every member that have ever registered for the site.
    • Forum Actions:
      1. Mark Forums Read: Clears all unread posts from the New Posts Counter and takes you back to the homepage of the site.
      2. General Settings: Takes you straight to the General Settings page.
      3. Edit Profile: Takes you to the page where you can edit all your profiles information.
    • Quick Links
      1. Today's Posts: A list of all posts made today.
      2. Subscribed Threads: A list of all threads you have subscribed to.
      3. Open Contacts Popup: A quick and easy popup to see who, of your contacts, are online/offline
      4. View Site Leaders: A list of each of the Moderators and Admins and Keepers. Check this often to see the new additions to staff.
      5. Who's Online: A disabled feature allowing you to see who is lurking on the site.
      6. View Donations: A list of donators who have gave their money to DR and the Sc2 mod "Mafia" in the order of most recent donation.
      7. Top Posters of the Month/Year: The page where you can find who is the ultimate post farmer.
    • {Your username Here}: Takes you to your home profile page.
    • Notifications: Where you can see your most recent messages. If you have a notification in this drop box it'll show up as: Notifications 1 (This will take you to view that notification.)
    • Settings: Where you can edit all the bits and bobs that make up your experience on this site. (Including your interactions with others)
    • Log out: The button that gives you reprieve from the on-goings and busybodies on the site. Just make sure to log back in.

    S5: Private Messaging:
    This, completely covert, use of communication allows users to talk with one another without outside interruptions. No one can read the PMs except for anyone included in the send/receiving part. To send a Private Message you begin
    • by clicking "Notifications" (Then Inbox {Which shall appear in a dropbox}), which is located besides your username at the top of the page.
    • After this there will be a tool box on the left of the page (Inbox over Sent Messages over Send New Message, etc.)
    • Click on Send New Message
    • Begin typing in the first box under "Recipient Users: [BCC Recipients]"

    You can begin typing out a name in the box:
    Damu (This will pop up a drop-box with all the users whose name begins with "Damu")
    Clicking the correct user will bind them to the Recipients box like this: Damus_Graves;

    --BBC Recipients--
    This will open up another box to type in.
    This box sends a covert message to everyone included in the box. (All names must be typed into this secondary box)

    After this you shall see a box titled "Title" with text features below it and the box containing where you write your message below that. (Both Title and Message Box must be typed in for a Message to be sent.)

    Users are limited to sending a Message every 5 seconds. (You must wait 5 seconds to send another message)

    Miscellaneous Options:
    These are custom options to edit your message as you see fit:

    [ ] Request a read receipt for this message
    Allows you to see when the message is read by its recipients.
    [ x ] Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder.
    Stores a copy of the message you send in the 'Sent Items' folder.
    [ x ] Show your signature
    If enabled, your signature will be displayed below the message.
    [ x ] Automatically parse links in text
    Will turn [url][/url] into
    [ x ] Automatically convert links into videos
    Turns a youtube link into the actual video.
    [ ] Disable smilies in text
    If selected, : ) will not be replaced with

    S6: Settings:

    Begin editing this by clicking on Settings, located beside Notifications, and this takes you to the main page of your profile background. This page contains:

    • Subscribed Forums - A mini-box containing the image and appropriate links to your subscribed forums
    • Infractions/Warnings - a list containing all infractions/warnings in descending order by date received
    • Rep Points Received - a list containing all Rep Points in descending order by date received
    • Rep points given - a list containing all Rep Points in descending order by date given
    • A Toolbox on the side with:
      My Messages:
      • Inbox - Conatins all received messages
      • Sent Items - Contains all sent messages
      • Send New Message - Link to a Send Message format
      • Track Message - Does as it says. Tracks selected Messages
      • Edit Folder - Link to customized page where you can add more folders

      My Subscriptions:
      • Subscriptions - List of all forum subscriptions
      • Edit Folders - Link to customized page where you can add more folders

      My Settings:
      My Profile:
    • Edit Profile - A link to the basic profile customizations (Can edit User title {Text contained under user name}, Edit email an password, D.O.B, D.O.B/Info Privacy, and other Profile Information Settings)
    • Edit Profile Picture - Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 150 by 150 pixels or 50.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
    • Edit Avatar - Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 50.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
    • Edit Signature - A small section, under each of your posts, which can contain a variety of things that you feel is worthy of note. Limited to, last I checked, 6 lines of text. Please do not use more than one video/picture in the Signature.
    • Profile Privacy - Section that limits what other users see on your profile, such as: contact info, picture, visitor messages, etc.
      My Account:
    • Edit Email and Password - Does as stated
    • General Settings - Section of settings that effect how you see the site(Posts per page, email receiving, Private Messaging, Visitor Messaging, etc.)/what users see of your information (Online times {Invisible Mode}, Rep points, etc)
    • Permission Groups - This is a section of your groups that you can choose between. (This changes the color of your user name)
    • Edit Ignore List - Users that you are ignoring, such as their posts, private messages, etc.)
    • Friends and Contacts - Section to edit and customize your contracts on the site.
    • Event Reminders - Calendar sections of the forums. Currently Disabled
    • Attachments - Customize/Delete all the attachments you have loaded into the site.

    S7: BBC Tags: Vote/LaTeX tags

    Vote Tags:
    To vote a player type: [vote]playername[/vote]
    To unvote a player or skip vote type: [unvote]unvote[/unvote]
    To set a player as the mayor type: [mayor]mayorid,numberofvotes[/mayor]
    To set the amount of votes required to lynch type: [l]votes[/l]
    To vote to skip the day type: [vote]skip[/vote]
    To reset the number of votes to lynch and any votes in the thead type: [resetcount]any text[/resetcount]

    Lynching a player will automatically lock a thread.
    The OP may not vote in his own thread.
    The number of votes to lynch is the same as the number of votes to skip.
    You cannot vote to skip and lynch.

    On each members profile page contains their ID number in the site address.

    4595 is Damus' ID number.

    S8: LaTeX Tags:


    This tag allows one to present, in a specialized font, a mathematical equation or, if one is bored, a slightly comical phrase or speech.


    Color Tags:
    Invisible Text: "202020"
    Red: "FF0000"
    White: "FFFFFF"
    Black: "000000"
    Purple: "800080"
    Brown/Maroon: "800000"
    Grey: "808080"
    Cyan/Teal: "0000FF"
    Orange: "FF8C00"


    BB Codes: The Basics
    • [B]Bold[/B]
      EX: Like This
    • [S]Puts a line across your text[/s]
      EX: Like This
    • [I]Italics[/I]
      EX: Like This
    • [U]Underline[/U]
      EX: Like This
    • [LEFT]Move Text Left[/LEFT]
      Like This
    • [CENTER]Center Text[/CENTER]
      Like This
    • [no]Do not use BB codes[/no]

    [*][RIGHT]Move Text Right[/RIGHT]
    Like This
    [*][LIST]This makes a list of all information marked by: [no][*][/LIST][/no]
    • Like
    • This

    • [LIST=1]Makes a numbered list of information marked by [no][*]
    1. Like
    2. This


    • [INDENT]Indents the selected text inward[/INDENT]
      Like This
    • [sub]Puts selected text in a subscript position[/sub]
      EX: Like This
    • [sup]Puts selected text in a superscript[/sup]
      EX: Like This
    • [HR]Puts a White Horizontal Line (Page Break Line) in the textbox[/HR]

    • [MARQUEE]Puts the selected text in a moving marquee style[/MARQUEE]
      EX: Like This
    • [SPOILER=Put your text inside a spoiler tab][/SPOILER]
      Spoiler : :
      Like This

    • [BLACKOUT]Puts a black highlight on your text. Shows the text when your cursor is on it[/BLACKOUT]
      EX: Like This
    • [table="width: 500"]

      ^ A Table (Which you can customize yourself by clicking the look a like button on the toolbar above your, "Go Advanced", message.)

      Like This

    • [QUOTE]Wraps your select text in a quote box. (Typing QUOTE=(Insert Name Here) applies a title/ownership of the quote to a user.QUOTE]

      Like This
    • [code]Puts your text in a code box[/code]

      Like This
    • [HTML]Puts your text in an HTML format[/HTML]

      HTML Code:
      Like This
    • [PHP]PHP text format[/PHP]

      PHP Code:
      Like So 
    • [FONT]Puts a font style on your text (EX: FONT=Arial makes the text in an Arial font)[/FONT]
      EX: Like So.
    • [SIZE]Increase/Decrease the size of your text. (SIZE=# is how to do so.)[/SIZE]
      EX: Like so.
    • [ATTACH=CONFIG](Here goes the ID of the attachment you want to show[/ATTACH]
      Easy way to use this tag is with the paperclip icon on the toolbar above your textbox, in "Go Advanced".
      EX: Attachment 8345

    [color="#121212"]Puts color onto your text.[/color]
    Like So.

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    Re: New User Guide

    This is really great so far, Damus. Thanks!

    Feel free to make multiple posts if it helps keep things organized; I will not infract for post farming if it's double posting for different sections of a guide. If you end up doing that, I will remove all posts that interrupt the guide once you are done, before we move it into it's eventual resting place (probably GD? Not sure yet).

    The goal for this is to consolidate as many stickies as possible into a single thread (that will probably get posted in several places). Maybe add in info about the MC server (from the sticky in GD) and the special tags (vote count system, LaTeX tag)?

    Slaol is going to be Bug Reports mod, btw.

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    Re: New User Guide

    THEY ARE CALLED GLOBAL MODERATORS NOT SUPER MODERATORS!!1 also cyan = moderator green = section mod? or is it the other way around? I was cyan for a day so that usergroup might be implemented again at some point in the future.
    Last edited by Brendan; December 28th, 2012 at 12:13 AM.
    I love oops

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    Re: New User Guide

    That is the word oops used for it.
    I love oops

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    Re: New User Guide

    Cyan (Which is Teal for this guide due to look similarities.) is for Respected. This color is assigned to mods who use it as their permission group. Yayap uses it as well as CmG and Cap. Hence the use.

    I will make more in depth sections for R&D, Forum Mafia, and about the bar at the top of the page. (The use of each tab), PMs, and Profile settings for a next instillment.

    Green is moderator. Oops trolled you by making you Cyan for a bit (OR maybe it was Yayap)
    Last edited by Damus_Graves; December 28th, 2012 at 01:33 AM.

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    Re: New User Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Lysergic View Post
    it's eventual resting place (probably GD? Not sure yet).
    I think we need a section that is more obvious for new members. Either a new section dedicated to new members, or just making the current one more obvious. If you aren't entirely sure where this should be put, how will they know where to look for it? The site was pretty confusing when I first joined. Might encourage more people to put in an effort if it is more obvious where to go for the information.

    Also, can we just all +rep Damus a couple times?

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    Re: New User Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Slaol View Post
    I think we need a section that is more obvious for new members. Either a new section dedicated to new members, or just making the current one more obvious. If you aren't entirely sure where this should be put, how will they know where to look for it? The site was pretty confusing when I first joined. Might encourage more people to put in an effort if it is more obvious where to go for the information.

    Also, can we just all +rep Damus a couple times?
    Agreed on both counts. Seems weird to not have an Introductions forum.

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    Re: New User Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Damus_Graves View Post
    Oops is the information in a post supposed to erase itself once edit post is clicked?
    oh god that bug, I get it all the time when my posts get too long, hate it.

    EDIT: You can probably reply with quote and copy paste that into edit box.
    Last edited by Roflcopter; December 28th, 2012 at 01:07 PM.

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    S-FM Paranormal Case Studies (Sheriff)

    "Glory only with zerglings and breast implants!!!"
    -Random player on EU

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    Re: New User Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Lysergic View Post
    That's why I recommended breaking it up into multiple posts, Damus. This happens sometimes with long posts.
    I've experienced that, and my own fix is to quote the post and perform Ctrl+C/V for each update of the post.
    (Erase the [quote]{/quote] though)

    It happens with some short posts as of late.

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