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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    First: It's HTML :P
    Second: It's honestly easy as fuck.

    The basics is taht you have to start off with a general form.

    <c val=" Color code here.">The colored characters here.</c>

    The "c val" is the part of the code that is rad as "This will change the color of the characters". Then it has to equal something in order for it to change so teh equals is added. To read a color you need a color code. The codes range from numbers 0 to F with six characters. You can find things on the internet (Try and find a pallet) that can convert colors into HTML codes for you. This will simplify your work. Once you have the color code inserted you need to specify that it is indeed that color by putting it in quotations, a form generallyused in coding to specify something. Then you close the code, and show what needs to be changed. You close it the same way you open it. With a < > format. Then you enter what will be colored with the color you chose. You can make just one letter (This is how a gradient name is done) or the whole name (For a solid color). You then need the end the name to leave room for another code so you use </c> as in "end coloring". This was a somewhat simple explanation as to what you do, and why you do it.

    All you need to do is find a pallet, in fact here's one that I use:

    In the pallet you find the color desired and it will show the color code that displays that color in the bottom right corner of the pallet.

    Just start off with the simple form <c val="123456">Sookie</c> and find the color desired for the name using that pallet, and replace that "123456" with that color (Remember the quotations!)

    For a gradient you need multiple codes. Because you need to designate a specific color to each letter. You can do this by opening another code directly after closing the one before it. If you put a space between them, or a space after/before the letters that are being colored, you will ahve a space in the name. To make a solid name with multiple colors you need them to be close, like this:

    <c val="123456">S</c><c val="123457">o</c><c val="12358>o</c><c val="123459">k</c><c val="123450">i</c><c val="123451">e</c>

    I don't know what those colors are, but if you want a gradient name just replace the "123456" and all that to the codes you want.

    I hope this helps you, and I hope you enjoy your colored names :3

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    What are you talking about,

    <c val="123456">S</c><c val="123457">o</c><c val="12358>o</c><c val="123459">k</c><c val="123450">i</c><c val="123451">e</c>

    is a perfect name........ (Sarcasm, just to be clear...)

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    Quote Originally Posted by fred View Post

    -<c val="1B0A2A">L</c><c val="7401DF">u</c><c val="8904B1">n</c><c val="642EFE">a</c>
    Like a boss
    Spoiler : Previous FM roles :
    FM - VI: Commoner | VII: (Lionel) Gunner, Shinra Inc. | VIII: Investigator | X: (HerrZynisch) Black Wizard | (Graves) Citizen | XII: (Ser Jorah) Armoursmith | XIII: Host (Roxy)!
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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    I figured Id post one of my favorites to use, It generally means and male doctors will heal you first night more often then not.

    Naughty Girl
    <c val="F700FF">N</c><c val="F825FF">a</c><c val="F94BFF">u</c><c val="FA70FF">g</c><c val="FB83FF">h</c><c val="FC95FF">t</c><c val="FDA8FF">y</c><c val="FA54FF"> </c><c val="F700FF">G</c><c val="DD05E4">i</c><c val="C40BCA">r</c><c val="AA10AF">l</c>

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    I've noticed the name "Serial Arsonfather" crop up a few times in games, so I took the liberty of mashing those 3 colored names into one and stripping them down a bit so they'll fit within the 255 character limit.

    Serial Arsonfather

    -<c val="4c0f3d">S</c><c val="661452">e</c><c val="801a66">r</c><c val="991f7a">ial</c> <c val="ee4400">A</c><c val="ee5500">r</c><c val="ee6600">son</c><c val="FF0000">fat</c><c val="DF0101">h</c><c val="B40404">e</c><c val="8A0808">r</c>
    Last edited by Glip; May 8th, 2012 at 07:05 PM.

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    Quote Originally Posted by Theroux View Post
    Exactly...But I'm not going to get to 20K points any time soon.
    So keep playing games until you do have 20k points. In the meantime, you'll randomly get that vet a few times anyway

    In other news, I took the liberty of creating a new pony name for us bronies out there.

    Queen Chrysalis

    <c val="40809B">Q</c><c val="356E86">ue</c><c val="06AE73">e</c><c val="168C78">n </c><c val="2E5B5F">C</c><c val="2C393A">hrys<c val="1CFF02">al</c><c val="2C393A">is</c>
    Last edited by Glip; May 8th, 2012 at 07:05 PM.

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    -<c val="400040">D</c><c val="4E003B">a</c><c val="5D0036">r</c><c val="6B0031">k</c><c val="7A002C">.</c><c val="890027">R</c><c val="970022">e</c><c val="A6001D">v</c><c val="B40019">e</c><c val="B40019">n</c><c val="D2000F">a</c><c val="E0000A">nt</c>

    That's a pretty nice name. c:
    Though does draw quite a bit of unwanted attention at night.

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained


    -<c val=”00FFFF”>Bal</c><c val=”3FFFFF”>mu</c><c val=”7FFFFF”>ng</c><c val=”BFFFFF”>of</c><c val=”FFFFFF”>theA</c><c val=”BFFFFF”>zu</c><c val=”7FFFFF”>re</c><c val=”3FFFFF”>re</c><c val=”00FFFF”>Sky</c>

    so how do i get a colord name to show up on this website?

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    BB Code translation:

    Compare them, Fatalis, to see how to make custom colors. ^^

    -<c val=”00FFFF”>Bal</c><c val=”3FFFFF”>mu</c><c val=”7FFFFF”>ng</c> <c val=”BFFFFF”>of</c><c val=”FFFFFF”>the A</c><c val=”BFFFFF”>zu</c><c val=”7FFFFF”>re</c><c val=”3FFFFF”>re</c> <c val=”00FFFF”>Sky</c>

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    Re: Colored Names - Explained

    I made a couple of names myself, but I don't know how to show them on the forum.

    Tali'Zorah vas Normandy :

    -<c val="333399">Ta</c><c val="3f398c">li</c><c val="4b407f">'Zo</c><c val="584772">ra</c><c val="644e65">h v</c><c val="715558">as</c> <c val="7d5c4b">No</c><c val="89633e">rm</c><c val="966a30">an</c><c val="a27124">dy</c>
    J'2argo :

    -<c val="E9961A">J</c><c val="DB9A37">'</c><c val="CE9F55">Z</c><c val="C0A473">a</c><c val="B3A991">r</c><c val="A5AEAF">g</c><c val="98B3CD">o</c>
    J'Zargo likes his colors. It shows how powerful J'Zargo is.



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