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  1. [Other Change] Avatar Additions/Changes
  2. [Misc. Suggestion] Possible improvements: role distribution, intro timing, last will glitches, aesthetics
  3. [Role Change] Make Bus Driver and Beguiler/Deceiver able to kill night immune targets
  4. [Role Change] Make Crier a Town Power role, not Town Government
  5. [Role Change] Make an evil role that is able to read PMs - perhaps Blackmailer/Silencer
  6. [New Role] Role Idea: Neutral Evil: Some Sorta Investigator Shit
  7. [New Role] Neutral (Benign?): Role that needs a name
  8. [Misc. Suggestion] Achievement of Many Deaths...
  9. [Other Change] Enable anti-lag mode in games without administrators
  10. [User Interface] Make last wills easier to read
  11. [New Mechanic] Make Marshall More Balanced (MMMB)
  12. [Other Change] Hat substitutes
  13. [Role Change] Veteran blackmailed by survivor while on alert
  14. [Role Change] Disable Jailor's ability to execute night 1
  15. [New Role] Stalker
  16. [New Role] Neutral Evil/Mafia: Assassin
  17. [New Role] Neutral Evil/ Terrorist
  18. [New Mechanic] New Maf/Tri Ability
  19. [New Role] Wizard, the master of elemnts
  20. [New Role] Switcher
  21. [New Role] Parasite
  22. [Other Change] SC2 Mafia Music
  23. [Other Change] Graveyard Idea?
  24. [New Mechanic] Maximum role count
  25. [Other Change] Setup for new players
  26. [User Interface] Include player numbers in action feedback
  27. [Misc. Suggestion] Achi idea!
  28. [New Role] Magistrate
  29. [New Role] Street Singer
  30. [New Mechanic] jester change
  31. [New Mechanic] scumbag wins over auditor ? F*CKING BULLSH*T
  32. [Other Change] [Night Sequence]
  33. [New Role] Taunt Shaman
  34. [New Role] Flamewreathed Faceless
  35. [New Role] Psychiatrist
  36. [New Role] Redeemer
  37. [New Role] Geneticist
  38. [New Role] mumble rumble idk
  39. [New Mechanic] Mayor And Marshall extend day and night lenghth
  40. [New Role] Angel
  41. [Other Change] Neutral Random: Exclude Cult
  42. [New Role] [Neutral Killing] Suicide Bomber
  43. [New Role] Thief
  44. [New Role] Repoman
  45. [New Role] Businessman
  46. [Misc. Suggestion] Prefer Roles List Saved Between Games
  47. [New Role] Superhero
  48. [Misc. Suggestion] Current state of SC2 Mafia's development
  49. [Misc. Suggestion] adjust diablo roar frequency?
  50. [Other Change] Achievement early to work
  51. [Other Change] Achievement Stump and scumbag ending screen
  52. [New Role] Role Suggestions: Adding More Dimensions to Information Metagame
  53. [User Interface] Interface for Jailors/Kidnappers/Interrogators during the day