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  1. {Information} Information regarding POINT-RESTORATIONS. Please read before posting a request.
  2. {Information} In-Game Admins
  3. {Information} Information regarding WHITE-LISTINGS. Please read before posting a request.
  4. {Approved} Blue 1-S2-1-10340806
  5. [WhiteList Request] Hyerim88 White listing request
  6. {Approved} Taker 1-S2-1-10333507
  7. {WhiteList} Account Name': '1-S2-1-10374774'
  8. {Approved} Foxslaye: 1-S2-1-1886333
  9. {Approved} Endari 1-S2-1-657355
  10. [WhiteList Request] WhiteList Request
  11. {Approved} Star Guardian: 1-S2-1-9735303
  12. {Approved} dominator:2-S2-1-8304980
  13. {Approved} SCP - 1-S2-1-7708729
  14. {Approved} Azhtajmon: 1-S2-1-5243331
  15. [WhiteList Request] i really like this game style and ive never played it outside of party's with friends and family
  16. {WhiteList} Shazam 1-s2-1-10453815
  17. {WhiteList} jakepeh 1-S2-1-10458167
  18. [WhiteList Request] White List Request
  19. {Approved} CrunchySoul 1-S2-1-1993798
  20. [WhiteList Request] Jim hicks