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  1. New VIP Rank
  2. Proposing Larger Avatars
  3. Omg.
  4. Shut up about "freedom of speech."
  5. M-FM and S-FM Forums
  6. We broke the most users online record yesterday.
  7. Bug on new posts?
  8. 1.5 ISSUES:
  9. Abusive Moderators
  10. TS questions
  11. My ban is over
  12. Why was the site down?
  13. A Big Fat Bug
  14. Moderators for News and Site Discussion subforums needed
  15. League Subforum Interest Poll
  16. [suggestion] R&D View only for 50 post+ members
  17. "Notifications: 1 [1 Unread PM]"
  18. An idea for site organization.
  19. Increase Infractions Per Page
  20. What is hikaritemple.com?
  21. Forum avatar.
  22. Sigil Question
  23. Requirements for Rep Power
  24. Solution to accounts created to spam other FM sites.
  25. Ambient would love this add-on:
  26. Changed severs Lose all points
  27. How much money to you have to bribe DR to become a site-only global mod?
  28. 52 users online. 16 members and 36 guests?
  29. Flood timers on PMs
  30. Can't see -repnuke in user cp
  31. Proposed M-FM Changes
  32. Suggestion: ADD THE WIKI BACK UP. thanks
  33. Make Forum Default 50 Posts per Page
  34. Test Theme
  35. Error?
  36. Suggestion when Replying to Threads
  37. Make R&D not count for post count
  38. Attachments don't upload
  39. HELLO
  40. Forum posts count not going up
  41. What's New?
  42. How do we become a VIP?
  43. Switch User button
  44. Mods need to stop post farming in threads they close
  45. The Hats
  46. Suggestion: Change the Mafia Cup Respected Badge
  47. just some badge concept art!
  48. Remove Sub-forum
  49. Why Yayap was demoted
  50. Username colours on forum home
  51. DDOS
  52. blackout
  53. Suggestion: MD Mod
  54. What does the + next to someone's name in Who's Online mean?
  55. IP Blockage in Phones
  56. I have a suggestion.
  57. petiton for the secret lair
  58. How do you change your title?
  59. CJ lKing, community chosen
  60. Get rid of circlejerk
  61. Petition to make a christian sub-forum. site disc ver.
  62. Petition to make an atheist sub-forum
  63. This isn't sustainable.
  64. A Possible Circlejerk Solution
  65. Petition for add a new user area
  66. New Rule
  67. Worrisome New Trend
  68. Solution To CircleJerk
  69. Circle Jerk Prefix For General Discussion
  70. What happened to the Philosophy subforum?
  71. What happened to the site?
  72. Debates Forum
  73. Bring Back Auction Forum
  74. title: carries the entire town = max?
  75. Database error, it's back!
  76. Changing thread titles?
  77. Minor Site Bug
  78. {Suggestion} Install a way to view user posts within a certain thread
  79. Auto-Lock Threads
  80. Smurfness
  81. "Emblems explained" inaccurate
  82. [Demonstration/Test]Vote Counter Features
  83. Creed Infracted Me For Invalid Reasons
  84. Signature line increase to 6
  85. I think the time has come
  86. Allow us to choose how much rep we give people
  87. Human Resources changes
  88. Shoutbox
  89. How much do keepers and mods actually do reports?
  90. Mod/Keeper list.
  91. My name is white
  92. Better organized/moderated site discussion
  93. Show the amount of reputation received when someone reps you.
  94. Accounts should be instantly auto approved for forums
  95. Allow us to see poll results if we already voted
  96. Remove "Recipient Users:" from PMs
  97. Prevent Rep on MFM/FM accounts
  98. What is a VIP member
  99. FM Timer
  100. Circlejerk Poll
  101. 2 suggestions in 1 thread!!
  102. Subscribe to specific forums
  103. Addition of a prefix or specific subforums in site discussion for bug reports
  104. A feature for closing threads
  105. Prefixes should be restricted by user group
  106. An option to disable or enable holiday effects
  107. Removal of "calendar"
  108. Removal of redundant "community" tab
  109. Overhaul of donation list
  110. Forums need improving
  111. Mult-iquote Change
  112. Who else turned off the snow effect?
  113. Multiquote carried from locked threads
  114. Improve Account Registration
  115. Reduce post counts to get VIP?
  116. Guide for newcommers, so it's easier to join community.
  117. Appeal Guidelines
  118. New User Guide
  119. Should permanent bans be permanent?
  120. Point banned - Still listed win/game played in Help menu
  121. Puzzles & Forum Games
  122. Subforum for AMAs
  123. This forum needs BLOGS
  124. Forum Lagg
  125. Problem with FM
  126. Remove Post Count from Puzzles and Forum Games
  127. FM subforums have disappeared from the front page
  128. Sub Forum for Role Suggestions
  129. Reporting procedure
  130. website chat, or IRC
  131. Some players make nazi propagandia (or trolling)
  132. add attachments option to a PM to another person
  133. TeamSpeak Gone?
  134. SC2 Mafia Clan sub forum?
  135. time and date format
  136. Since FM17 is over.
  137. Allow Multiple Vote Changes in a Post. Only Take the Last Vote.
  138. s-fm BUS DRIVERS
  139. List of FM game masters
  140. List of SC2Mafia Patches with dates
  141. History Section
  142. Analysis of the Site
  143. Add a Shoutbox to the top
  144. Add a forum store
  145. Public Vote: Forum Store Proposal
  146. IE 10 borked the forums
  147. Remove Redirects
  148. HTC 8 S Blue, Unable to type on this site.
  149. Forum Voting System Update
  150. Allow option to have Chatbox open
  151. Forgotten Password Retrieval
  152. Closed thread forum
  153. Minor Change: Rep disabled in "Ongoing Games" MFM subforum
  154. signature length
  155. auto +1 rep for a confirmed player report
  156. Avatar?
  157. Time Problem (Bottom)
  158. Member-specific RSS feeds
  159. Future of SC2 Mafia
  160. Damus Graves = Reaper of threads
  161. All badges and their meanings
  162. Sign Ups
  163. Marathon Subforum
  164. userscript for this forum...
  165. Create a 'new' rank: Co-Admin
  166. check out this replay of 5!!! corrupt admins and mods
  167. Windows phone support
  168. Update to Signature Permissions
  169. Profile Pic?
  170. A FM role bank
  171. Change the Logo
  172. Rate the Staff
  173. What is wrong?
  174. Make Money off the website
  175. Player queue for S-FMs.
  176. Why was my thread: "Petition: Unban Mateo" Deleted?
  177. Reputation Point?
  178. A Forum for Dedicated Roleplayers
  179. Civil Discussion
  180. Chat Moderation
  181. The circlejerk issue
  182. How to disable holiday cheer
  183. I need support from Mods when I make reports
  184. Old website sticky trash
  185. Bring back the list of members currently reading threads
  186. quoting from closed threads
  187. Since when did the site made this avaliable?
  188. Play Mafia
  189. Report Titles
  190. Allow Hosts to post in closed threads
  191. Downvoting Thread
  192. Invisible reputation comment
  193. Forum Connection Issues?
  194. Clans and Forums 2
  195. Can't Create Thread in Player Report Section
  196. Profile: About Me page Signature
  197. Delete own threads
  198. Site Issue
  199. Hide a thread
  200. Bring post count back to Player Reports
  201. increase forced log out time
  202. Searching for old threads effectively
  203. The Wiki's Down
  204. M-FM Boards
  205. Site Activity Dropping
  206. How can I restore my achievements.
  207. Bring Circlejerk back to the sidebar
  208. Editing Glitch?
  209. Suggestions for increasing site activity
  210. Spam
  211. Petition to take down the Anime sub-forum
  212. Complaint about censoring posts moderators do not like because they dont agree with them.
  213. Complaint about archangels serious thread getting moved to circlejerk.
  214. please remove this sub-forum.
  215. Please give us gay mafia players our own sub-forum, we as a gay community feel we deserve it.
  216. The State of SC2 Mafia on NA
  217. Delete the Clan Fl0w Subforum
  218. Ugh
  219. Smiley Suggestion
  220. What's that "Chats" thing next to your Join Date, Location, Posts?
  221. 100 comments posted?
  222. Add an option to let just post regardless of there being posts before that one!
  223. Embed discord as a replacement for vbulletin chat?
  224. posts count
  225. Cannot access player report I filed?
  226. Hi I'm new. Someone told me I was watch listed but I can't find it!
  227. What is the actual cause of this stupid thing?
  228. Calendar?
  229. Interactive / Real Time tables
  230. Site Improvements for Forum Mafia.
  231. Easy to implement solution to make sc2mafia great again.
  232. What does being on a "watch list" mean?
  233. New Post error.
  234. Idea : New system to mark posts based on colors
  235. Suggestion for the site: Justified Text
  236. Suggestion for the site: Drafts
  237. Email notification on quotes
  238. Help me please!
  239. PHP Errors Thrown
  240. Regarding "Archon" and "*****"
  241. trigger warnings
  242. Reputation Comments
  243. Home Page Organization
  244. Images in signatures
  245. Images in old Threads
  246. valentine's day update
  247. New logo poll
  248. New Logo Poll #2
  249. No Vote Count button?
  250. st patrick's day update